Designer’s Holiday Hangover Cure – Awesome Offices

Congratulations! You’ve made it through stage one of the holiday season, but are you losing the will to create to a hectic schedule and long lines everywhere? If so, you’re probably suffering from a holiday hangover.

Don’t worry, it’s treatable and we’re here to help. Grab a cup of cocoa, get comfortable, and take a look through this batch of holiday hangover cures to get some of that lost motivation surging again.

Today we’ll be focusing on the offices, digs, and productivity pads of fellow web workers from around the world.

Offices That Rock

There’s something about looking at absolutely phenomenal office spaces that gets the creative juices flowing in overdrive. The Office Snapshot blog is great for this. Since summer 2007 it’s been finding awesome workspaces and putting pictures of them online.

Did you know that Youtube office has a full size pool? How about that the people from Meetup get to ride dinosaurs while drinking beer in the office? Not a bad alternative to the standard cubicle.

My personal favorite is Blend Interactive’s office in South Dakota. I’ve always been a fan of open spaces and brighter earth tones, plus having a giant sealed safe in the corner is always a nice touch.

Home Worker Havens

Office Snapshots ended up being so popular that back in February a new site was added to the network for those who work from home. Home Office Snapshots has plenty of inpirational triple monitor desk setups for all the home workers out there, especially if you’re looking to re-arrange your digs for the new year.

Also be sure to also give a look over to the “Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell” photo pool on Flickr. It’s got plenty of over the top systems that will make you feel just plain inadequate.

Happy Inspiration!

Check out the full list and let us know if you’ve found an office that screams “Work in me!”. On the other hand if you already work in a place like that, consider submitting one yourself.

I’ll give you some fair warning. Once you click through you may be distracted for hours with amazement. Just remember, that could be you! Now get back to it!

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