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Flash Catalyst looks good. Not enough enthusiasm for you? Try absolutely fantastic! Skinning Flash and Flex apps have gotten easier over the years, they still haven’t reached the point where it actually feels right.

With the newly introduced Flash Catalyst, these design headaches look like they’ll soon be a thing of the past.

For the avid Adobe followers there have been rumors of this design integration floating around, and confirmed by the project code named “Thermo” that had been sitting in the labs for a short time. Recently it’s been given a name, a purpose, and some pretty nifty demonstrative videos.

I know this has been around for a few weeks now. But humor me because this is the first time I’ve had a chance to actually look through what it does.

What is it?

I’ll let the press materials do most of the explanation but the short idea is that Catalyst will allow designers and developers to work directly with source designs (PSD’s, Illustrator files, etc) and easily give them functionality. The intro video indicated integration with a number of Adobe Creative Suite products including Fireworks, Flex, and AIR.

Check out the main page Adobe has set up, complete with views of the program in action. There’s also a video featuring three Adobe employees pretending to be intrigued at a demonstration of the program that is also well worth a watch.

Since I’m late on the bandwagon, Sitepoint has a great article covering the original release at the MAX conference about a month ago. 

What are your thoughts?

This is big news. As a self confessed Flex enthusiast I cannot wait until this gets released. As much as I love the wide variety of default gradients and buttons, it would be nice if it wasn’t so much work to give Flex apps some originality!

So how about the rest of you? Have you read much about this yet? Will it actually impact your work? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Mados Author Editor

    thnx Zach,
    i will searching for tutorials for it.
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