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For the couple months I’ve been working with artistic type Chris Collins to build an artistic centered community blog.

The resulting site has just officially launched, and we’d love to have you (and your work) on board.

A Community Submitted Art Gallery

The Nonsense Society is a community driven blog dedicated to showcasing the best in undiscovered talent. Here’s an excerpt from the site’s about page:

The Nonsense Society is both a gallery and a community. It features the work of many talented independent and freelance artists, musicians, filmmakers, and authors. The only requirement to be a part of the Nonsense Society is the quality of your work! Great artists are hidden behind every corner. The Nonsense Society does not care if you are an accountant, a graphic designer, or a garbage man. If you have art, show it!

Chris has already received submissions from many talented people to accompany the site launch and the resulting content is quite impressive. I’m a particular fan of the “Garry and Harry” short film by Steven Madeja, but there is plenty else to browse through. I’ll let the site itself do the rest of the talking.

Calling all Art Types!

The Nonsense Society is a community driven blog. Are you an aspiring artist, filmmaker, author, or musician? Want to get more exposure or just some creative inspiration? Chris is a very supportive guy and is constantly looking for new and exciting pieces to feature. Go ahead and submit what you’ve got! The Nonsense Society is sure to continue its growth in the months to come, and will be a wonderful forum to share what you’ve got!

The Nonsense Society

It will be an exciting next couple of months to see how the blog develops, and I wish Chris the best of luck in helping people share their passions.

Have any feedback or general suggestions for the site’s future? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment or contacting Chris Collins directly.

Visit The Nonsense Society

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