Battle of the Bands – Myspace Music Profile Trends Roundup

You have a band, you’re ready to rock the world and reinvent the music scene. The only thing between you and a multi-platinum album is a killer Myspace band page. Fear not young rocker, for we are going to outline what is hot right now, come along won’t you?

A Sample Layout


1. Band Pic / Oversized Header

For a lot of bands, the first thing they want you to be greeted with is their unbroken gaze. The piercing stares of all the band members seems pretty popular, although this is often times interchangeable with a snazzy graphic.  Banners mimicking posters rather than the tradition wider/shorter website headers are common practice for most bands.

2. Merchandising, Merchandising, Merchandising

Bands have to make bank somehow, you can be sure to find t-shirts, albums and other paraphernalia littering the page. If the top banner doesn’t already advertise the newest release, you can be sure it will be found right underneath. It’s all about the swag.

3. Meet the Band

The whole point of socially networking is create a connection between the band and the fan base. This is why it is not only important to attach faces to the group, but also sprinkle some personality on them.

4. News and Biography

Get ready to scroll. For many groups this is where they have a whole host of banner ads for albums, merchandise, and videos.

5. The Label / Sponsors / Business Stuff

It’s jaw dropping how many people are involved with each band, but they need to be thanked, so keep on scrolling. You will get to enjoy plenty of animated banners, logos, and tour dates.

Additional Trends

  • Bright Colors
  • Flash Headers
  • Twitter & Social Networking Links
  • Large Background Images



Britney Spears


Count Your Blessings




Jack’s Mannequin


Jonas Brothers




The Messenger


Owl City


Red Jumpsuit Apparatus


The Title


Watchout! Theres Ghosts


Closing Thoughts

Myspace is becoming the one stop connection for many musicians, relying on it as their primary website. While Myspace may not be your social network of choice, it does offer a nice alternative to a .com for the music industry. As the above sites demonstrated, with a strong design, they make a solid substitute.

What are your thoughts? Should a band opt out of a .com for a Myspace page? Know any other quality Myspace band pages? Have at it in the comments.

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  1. Brandon Author Editor

    Myspace music is used widely and many many bands use it to let people preview their music and get updates about their band.

    Unfortunately for developers, the code restrictions are a pain. So many hacks and negative values have to be used to get the layout to look correctly (esp in all browsers), that myspace really needs to do something to make it easier.

    Also, a band shouldn’t use myspace as their website, although to them, it provides basically a CMS for all of their band information. I think it hurts the band to only use the myspace site. Bands and artists should have their own presence online that can be designed and completely tailored around their music, rather than a restricted, glitchy 1998 myspace page.


  2. Ben Author Editor

    I agree with Brandon. Bands seem to flock to MySpace. Hell, even my band is on there. I think the reason is just that the user base is so large and the chances of your friends/potential fans being on there is very high. Thus, you need a page on MySpace to promote your band.

    But, MySpace seems to also be dying a slow death. And it seems like a lot of bands have opted for a free myspace page over an actual .com address, which saddens me. I’d like to see more of today’s bands with more impressive web sites. Forget myspace. Post your music on your site.


  3. Zach Dunn Author Editor


    Amen to that


  4. Andrew Author Editor

    How do u make your own layouts like these and banners because ive been trying to make one for my bands page for awhile now n i cant seem to figure it out


  5. Sam Dunn Author Editor

    There’s a number of ways, this article seems to outline the basics pretty well –


  6. Bad Self Author Editor

    Just wondering if anyone knows if myspace widgets/players work with WordPress?


  7. Winding Machine · Author Editor

    the music industry is getting bigger because more and more people likes to hear new music artists and new genres ;;


  8. ParituS Author Editor

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