Build Internet! Gets a Fresh New Design

Build Internet! Gets a Fresh New Design

Times They Are A Changin’

Hello Internet,

As you may or may not have noticed, things look different around here. You’ve made it this far which means we’ve succeeded in the basic usability department, check plus in that category. Here are a few other changes we’ve made, all in easy to read list form:

  • New logo – We think it’s a little better than our last round. But that’s just us.
  • Header Area – Reduced the banner height and put the search bar where it’s useful.
  • Navigation – Clutter? Not anymore. We opted to keep only the categories in the primary menu, it will make for faster browsing, we promise.
  • Background – We opted for the always trendy grungy/painty background. It also fits in up to 2560 x 1600 resolutions, so go on you 30″ monitor guys… maximize… I dare you.
  • Subscription Box – If all goes according to plan this should ramp up the amount of returning readers. Less hunting, more subscribing.
  • Comment Section – We did some work in this area, notably making unique comment boxes for the author. We’ll stick out now when we are addressing your comments, thoughts, aspirations, and dreams.
  • Twitter and Social Icons– In an attempt to be more social, we’ve integrated an API in the right column and made the sharing box after each post bigger.

While you probably would have noticed many of these changes on you’re own, I opted to do the work for you.I know, I know, you’re welcome. Over the next week we are aiming to make a few more adjustments for overall polish, so stay attentive!

One Mighty Roar

On a quick/important sidenote we have recently begun to rebrand Cazzu Media to One Mighty Roar, a change we think reflects our growth as a company. Okay, that last line is used pretty often, but really – Cazzu Media was started in 2006 when Zach and I were still in highschool, we’ve grown up a little. Over the next few weeks we will be making a complete transition to the new name and launch as well. More on that soon.

So that’s the deal internet. Zach and I thank all of you for making this possible and we appreciate you on a daily basis. We’d also love to hear your thoughts on the new design/the blog in general. This is for you guys, so we read each comment.

Thank you,

Sam & Zach

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13 Comments 2 Mentions

  1. Benni Author Editor

    Hey, this looks really clean and very nice. Good work!


  2. Janko Author Editor

    Clean and neat, I like it!


  3. Vadim P. Author Editor

    Text on the site is tiny yet huge in the comment box. A bit puzzling.


  4. Sam Dunn Author Editor

    Thanks for the feedback everyone

    @Vadim P.
    You know, we might have just fallen to peer pressure on that one, it seems to be the trend on sites like Tutorial9 and Smashing Magazine. I also like it because its easier to edit, but I could go either way.


  5. Ciprian Author Editor

    Very nice job guys. Good luck with your re-branding as well. Looking forward to see what you guys are up 2 on that. :)


  6. Matt Author Editor

    Looks nice, good work!

    I agree, I think you need larger font sizes and a little bit better scannability.


  7. Jose Author Editor

    Beautiful design :)


  8. Jose Author Editor

    and yeah, 12px fonts would look good, at least in the posts content :P


  9. Corey Freeman Author Editor

    Wow this looks great! I sent you guys an email about doing another review for Blog by Design (which also has a spiffy new look!). I’m really impressed. Very nice :)


  10. Cristhian Bedon Author Editor

    Great design, I too am thinking on re-brand now that I understand the coding of themes even more. Great job!


  11. Marek Chrenko Author Editor

    I like the new design!
    gr8 job


  12. René Author Editor

    The filename of the logo should be in “bannr-logo.jpg” be changed. “banner” is blocked.



  13. Sam Dunn Author Editor

    I’m a little puzzled over what the problem you seem to be having is, I haven’t heard anyone have problems viewing the banner. Could it maybe be a result of the local machine you’re using?



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