Color Scheme Contest #1 – Win Business Cards from BizCard

Color Scheme Contest #1 – Win Business Cards from BizCard

This contest has been completed! See the results in Color Scheme Inspiration – Good Morning!

Today Build Internet! is excited to launch its very first contest sponsored by the folks over at BizCard.

The Prizes

The five winners selected will each get their share of the 2500 full color business cards printed courtesy of BizCard. Shipping is free.

1st Prize: 1000 Cards Printed
2nd & 3rd Prize: 500 Cards Printed
4th & 5th Prize: 250 Cards Printed

What gets you a shot at free printing for your cards? A dose of creativity.

Show Us Your Colors

Good Morning!

The theme for color scheme submissions is “Good Morning!”. Use it as an inspiration. Interpret it however you wish; it’s vague for a reason. We want to see where creativity takes you.


Have some originality! We will be judging based on creativity of the inspiration image as well as aesthetic appeal. The top five submissions will receive business card prizes from BizCard, while the top ten will be featured in an upcoming Color Scheme Inspiration with a link back to their websites. You can enter as many times as you want, but there will be five unique winners.

Interested? Here’s how you can get involved.

How to Format Your Color Scheme

Here’s the step by step to formatting your submission properly:

  1. Use Kuler or ColourLovers to make a color scheme from an acceptable image.
  2. Join the Build Internet! group on Colourlovers.
  3. If you’ve built your scheme with Kuler, you’ll still need to transfer it over to Colourlovers to share it. This will give us the ability to embed the results into a comment.
  4. When you submit the color scheme to ColourLovers please select “Build Internet!” under “Add to groups”. This will aggregate everyone’s work in one place.
  5. Submit your entry in a comment to this post.

How to Submit

Each entry will consist of links to both the source image and a palette on ColourLovers

As you may have noticed from past inspirations, We favor Flickr because it’s easier to share and confirm usage rights (We recommend searching by Creative Commons).  Basically, we need to be able to display the inspiration image on this site without breaking laws, because that is a huge buzzkill.

We will be contacting the winners through the email addresses used to comment, so make sure that you use a valid account when submitting. Also be sure to include a name and website that you would want to appear if your entry chosen to be featured.

All entries must be received by April 15th. If there is any confusion, please don’t hesitate to post your question so we can get you straightened out.

Hop to It!

Even if you’re not entirely not motivated to make your own color scheme, you should still consider registering for the Colourlovers community and then joining the official Build Internet! group. Good luck. Now let’s see what you’ve got!

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  1. Max Stanworth Author Editor

    Thought id give this a shot, just for the creativity purpose alone, added to the group ( picture link is in description )


    Max Stanworth’s last blog post..20 Free Original Hi-Res Grunge Stained Paper Textures


  2. Alex Flueras Author Editor

    Colour palette of an accessories fashion site I’m building:


  3. Hezi Author Editor

    I’ve made this colour palette out of a picture of my brother’s trip to South America. enjoy :)


    Hezi’s last blog post..heziabrass: New Twitter feature for Passover: can’t delete any twit!


  4. Zach Dunn Author Editor

    Just as a reminder, the theme for these palettes should be “Good Morning!”

    You need to include a link to the source image as well as the palette. The way Max did it works just fine too.

    Thanks, and keep up the submissions!


  5. xea Author Editor

    Thanks very much for the relevant information! ;)
    I Know colorlovers but not yet Kuler!

    xea’s last blog post..Meet Jos Buivenga: The Designer of the Museo Font | Webdesigner Depot


  6. Callum Chapman Author Editor

    My palette!

    Inspiration Image:

    Good luck everyone!

    I may be back for more entries ;D

    Callum Chapman’s last blog post..Vintage Poster Inspiration


    • Zach Dunn Author Editor


      Don’t worry, WordPress can be off sometimes when it comes to linking images. I formatted your comment for you. Thanks for the submission!


  7. Joël Cox Author Editor

    Great contest! I made my own pallet with the use of the following CC licensed picture

    With this as my outcome

    Keep the good work Dunn brothers.


  8. webbografico Author Editor

    here’s my palette


    and here my inspiration


  9. Robin Cannon Author Editor



    Robin Cannon’s last blog post..Dynamic CSS Backgrounds


    • Zach Dunn Author Editor

      Don’t worry if your link doesn’t appear correctly at first. I will fix any formatting issues that come up. Don’t panic in the meantime!


  10. Carolina Rutz Author Editor

    Here’s my first scheme, based on bacon:



  11. Carolina Rutz Author Editor

    Saturday Cartoon, based on this link:[email protected]/2512699845/



  12. Silvino González Author Editor

    My palette for the contest:


    The inspiration image:


  13. Edwin De la Cruz Author Editor

    Imagen usada para el esquema de colores:


    Edwin De la Cruz’s last blog post..14 tutoriales de photoshop para la creación de Brushes


  14. Stefan Author Editor

    Inspiration: Clouded Sky on Flickr

    Good luck for all!!

    Stefan’s last blog post..Ein schönes Osterfest 2009


  15. Marghet Author Editor

    Fun! Here’s my inspiration …… a Californian wilderness morning:

    and here’s my palette!


  16. Brett Matthews Author Editor

    The inspiration image is a pic I took of Aspens on the western slope of the Rockies.

    My inspiration image:

    The Palette:



  17. Callum Chapman Author Editor

    Have a couple more entries:



    And another:



    Callum Chapman’s last blog post..Vintage Poster Inspiration


  18. RSBomber Author Editor

    Color Palette:


  19. Stephanie Author Editor

    Hello! Here are some of the palettes I made :)






  20. Derek Author Editor

    My Palette:

    My Inspiration:


  21. Callum Chapman Author Editor

    When are the winners going to be announced? :D

    Callum Chapman’s last blog post..Crosshatch Vector Pack Set 1


  22. ksantipa Author Editor

    Oh no, I remembered the wrong closure date :)))
    Senile me :P
    Good luck, everybody.


  23. Heriberto Pouge Author Editor

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  24. Bonnie Author Editor

    Many heads are better than one.


  25. Ahmed Author Editor

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