Color Scheme Inspiration – Good Morning!

Color Scheme Inspiration – Good Morning!

I apologize for the delayed announcement of results. This was originally slated for launch at the beginning of the past weekend. Server issues (that are hopefully now resolved) kept us delayed.
– Zach

This round of inspiration is provided by the community and A.M. hours. These are just ten great representatives of the palettes posted for our “Good Morning!” color scheme contest.

Almost all photos below are all found via Flickr (follow image links for author info). Color schemes are available to download through COLOURlovers.

First Place

Submitted by Robin Cannon

Second Place

Submitted by Max Stanworth

Third Place

Submitted by webbografico
Good Morning BartGood_Morning_Bart!

Fourth Place

Submitted by Callum Chapman

Fifth Place

Submitted by Stephanie

Runners Up

We received many color scheme submissions for this contest. Here are a few that we thought did an admirable job at saying good morning!

Submitted by eweible
Morning BreakfastBalanced_breakfast

Submitted by Derek Ohanesian

Submitted by Callum Chapman

Submitted by Marghet


A League All His Own

This was hands down the most unique interpretation of “Good Morning!” that this contest saw submitted. I’m still not entirely sure what I’m looking at with your inspiration image but Joël Cox, you deserve some recognition.


Wake Up!

Even though this contest has ended, we’d still love to see you get involved with creating your own color schemes. If you make a particularly awesome one, post it to our official Colourlovers group! Your palette may end up being a starting point for future color scheme posts. You’ll even be featured front and center for your stroke of genius.

Note to contest winners: You should receive an email notifying your of your victory by the end of the day. If you haven’t received a contact from me by tomorrow and you’re in the top five, get in touch to claim your business cards from BizCard.

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  1. Callum Chapman Author Editor

    excellent! congratulations everyone and thank you for giving me fourth place!! i don’t think i’ve ever won a competition before!!

    Callum Chapman’s last blog post..Graphic Designers to follow – April 19th 2009


  2. aravind Author Editor

    This is really inspiring!
    Great color schemes!!

    aravind’s last blog post..3000 Business Card Giveaway: Winners Announced!


  3. Robin Cannon Author Editor

    That’s awesome, thank you! I think I struck it lucky in finding an inspirational photo with a great mix of colors, but that first place is really pleasing and motivational. Thanks once again.

    Robin Cannon’s last blog post..Funky Friday Collection – 17 April 2009


  4. webbografico Author Editor

    thanks a lot for my third place (thanks also from my marvellous dog Bart!).


  5. Max Stanworth Author Editor

    Cool i know exactly what im getting printed! gunna do some guerilla advertising hehe, definatly some great colour schemes. Thanks

    Max Stanworth’s last blog post..Space and Planet Photoshop Tutorials To Create Amazing Space Scenes


  6. Joël Cox Author Editor

    Haha, awesome. Great job all. I love to see all these different interpretations of ‘Good Morning’.

    My inspiration image actually is a warm water well with different kind of bacteria, all displaying their own color in the first sunbeams of the day :)

    Joël Cox’s last blog post..Waarom T-Mobile thetering voor iPhone OS 3 moet toestaan


  7. Stephanie Author Editor

    Yay! Thanks very much, Zach :)


  8. Edward.H Author Editor

    thanks , those samples inspires me.I have submitted a link of this article to our website in order to share it with more people ,check:


  9. Anime Art Author Editor

    superb entries and color combination.

    Anime Art’s last blog post..Blasting Art Contest Voting Starts


  10. Anigma Author Editor

    Cool beans. Thats some inspirational stuff. Who woulda thought nature was so good at creating color schemes =P


  11. Zach Dunn Author Editor


    I actually ended up on Wikipedia for a solid 15 minutes reading up on the Morning Glory pool and related things in nature. Thanks for the unexpected lesson in wilderness.



  12. Mainostoimisto Solutio Author Editor

    Good morning! Really nice and inspirating colors! I Did wake up with smile :D


  13. Silvino González Author Editor

    Wow congrats, great jobs.


  14. joão ramos Author Editor

    Best article of the day ;)


  15. Callum Chapman Author Editor

    wow, i’m glad so many people liked the competition results :) i agree though, it is very inspirational!

    Callum Chapman’s last blog post..Review Competiton: Advertising space to be won!


  16. vitoMedia Author Editor

    woooooo, I luv the old clock :) can’t find those anywhere now….


  17. daddy design Author Editor

    very nice examples. thanks for sharing!


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  19. Tushar Author Editor

    The contest looked g8! Liked some of the pics & color-schemes as well!
    I use colorlovers since long time & this one is an interesting idea!
    Cheers :)



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