The Fourth Month

The Fourth Month

Hello Internet

For those of you just joining us, this is a monthly review of this blog’s progress. As I’ve said in previous editions,  I always loved reading posts about other blog’s development before starting this one. So in the interest of being interesting, I give you the fourth month…

Traffic and Stats

This month had the new record breaking day for traffic. Being featured in Smashing Magazine does that to a blog. We had an average of about 2500-3000 visitors a day. In other exciting news, we finally hit 100,000+ views/month.

The traffic highlights are broken down below. As usual you can also download the full summary for a more complete overview.

You can tell when the new design was launch from the sudden drop in traffic on the chart below. A certain someone forgot to move over the Analytics tracking code to the new theme…

March 2009 Traffic

Our search results are still on a steady increase. They averaged about 450-500/weekday.

March 2009 Traffic Sources

This month may be the first where 500 searches a day becomes the weekday baseline. Search results are the type of traffic that bring in completely new audiences, and we’re always looking to expand.

Build Internet! has also built up quite the international audience, totaling to 169 different countries. I’m particularly proud of the almost complete coverage in the Western Hemisphere. We will get you someday Greenland.

March 2009 Map

Subscribers and Followers

We’ve had a big jump in subscribers. I would tell you just how big a jump, but Feedburner has decided that today is not a good day to work properly. Before Feedburner took a dive, our count was at about 1300 awesome subscribers. That’s up from 784 last month.

Twitter also took an explosive turn upwards. We went up from 386 followers to a very comfortable 584 by the end of the month.

Are you among those just joining us? Welcome! We’re glad to have you aboard. If you haven’t subscribed yet, come join the other thousand or so folks who have today.

Dollar by Dollar

The surge in traffic after being featured on Smashing Magazine boosted Adsense revenue about 3 to 4 times its average. We hit a big dip after moving over to the new design. Coincidence? We’ll find out soon.

Nothing terribly new to report in the BuySellAds department. We did add a row of 20×20 icon spots for those more budget conscience campaigns. If you’re looking to reach the web niche, there are still plenty of spots available to start.

Posts and Publicity

Few words can describe what it is like to realize that three of your posts have been featured on Smashing Magazine. We’ll leave it at that.

The top posts during the month of March were:

  1. Supersized – Full Screen Background/Slideshow jQuery Plugin
  2. How to Make a Smooth Animated Menu with jQuery
  3. Changing Form Input Styles on Focus with jQuery
  4. 8 Sites with Excellent jQuery Navigation
  5. 10 Galleries of Creative Logos

Even though March proved once again that jQuery is a traffic all star, I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for a little more diversity someday.

Our Technorati rankings currently sit at just about 20,500. This is a drop from the 23,000 rank held last month. With luck April will see a dip into the top 20k.

A New Look

Part of the reason March was so scarce with posting was due to the overhaul of Build Internet’s WordPress theme. The version you see now is largely finished, but Sam and I are still adapting the smaller things as needed.

We were happy to have received a largely positive response. Some incredibly helpful feedback guided some minor changes in font sizes and spacing after the launch, but we’ve started to settle in to our new skin.

Spring Looks Promising

We’ve already started April out with a bang with an inclusion into Six Revision’s 30 Fresh and Promising Design Blogs to Follow. The result was our second highest day of traffic ever.

Sam and I are looking forward to the month of April. We’re both making the resolution to get back to posting more frequently now that the redesign has been completed. Ten posts in a month is a little scarce for our liking.

…also we have a new idea for a blog that may end up live this month. What is this idea? It involved cubes, and most of you would appreciate it. I’ll leave the suspense at that.

Be sure to check in over the next couple days for the start of a business card contest. You’ll like the requirements, I promise.

Thanks another great month,

Zach & Sam Dunn

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  1. The Producer Author Editor

    Looks like thing are on the up and up, I wish I could get traffic like this!

    The Producer’s last blog post..Season One, Episode Forty Six – Why Pickle Mushrooms?


  2. Jørgen Author Editor

    Interesting post Zach! I look forward to having your traffic levels one day :D


  3. Cristhian Bedon Author Editor

    Looks like things are working there way up, congrats!

    Cristhian Bedon’s last blog post..Want To Build Your Own Multitouch Surface Computer?


  4. W3Planting Author Editor

    congrats Zach , you nicely moving up :)


  5. Jørgen Author Editor

    Inspired by this, I made a similar summary over at my own blog:



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