Color Scheme Inspiration – Rainy Day in the City

Color Scheme Inspiration – Rainy Day in the City

This round of color inspiration is braving bad weather and taking to the streets of cities around the world. Here are some palettes that won’t run when wet.

Photos are all found via Flickr (follow image links for author info). Color schemes are available to download through COLOURlovers.

Palettes from Urban Rain








Color Your Own City

Once again, if you are inspired to make your own rainy cityscape, we’d love to see you share it with our Colourlovers group for Build Internet! readers. Go ahead and inspire us!

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  1. Joël Cox Author Editor

    Jim Beam Strikes is combination I wouldn’t have thought about myself, but it turns out great!

    Joël Cox’s last blog post..Review: De wet op internet


  2. Heather Author Editor

    I really like the Taxis and Hats one. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Kawsar Ali Author Editor

    Rain rain!! a big fan of rain. Great list Zach

    Kawsar Ali’s last blog post..10 Image Free Sexy CSS Menu and How to Create One


  4. e11world Author Editor

    Very nice list. I guess you’d want to pick a nice picture to start your inspiration to get a nice color pallete (scheme)


  5. dave d Author Editor

    taxi and hats is a great one. thanks!

    dave d’s last blog post..Free Graphic Design Magazine – Blanket


  6. Michael Kozakewich Author Editor

    I’ve tried to do the same thing, but I’ve not been able to find the essence of the scene. The Rainy Union Square is great, but the London Rain needs more darker colours.

    I tried distilling winter cliffs during sunset, but this is what I got:
    A good enough image, but with repeating colours and lots of darks. I ended up tweaking the brightness of everything by hand to match what I expected in a website (more contrast, fewer dark colours), but I feel that much of the original feel of the image has been lost.
    Any tips?


  7. Tigan Author Editor

    I love London rain. very soft and calm. nice one


  8. Jad Graphics Author Editor

    Very interesting. I never seen this type of blog post. Excellent idea. I actually found your site by a referral from the man himself, Collis Taeed on one of his interviews.

    Great job with the website and keep up the good work!

    Jad Graphics’s last blog post..10 FREE and Helpful Web Design Resources


  9. noah Author Editor

    I am caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.


    • Mertcan Author Editor

      Lance Meadows Posted on I been telling mlesyf since last night I think I want to go for a jog this evening; its been a while . This post must be a sign that I really do need to throw on my running shoes also and hit the track (especially since I missed National Running Day) tonite. Thanks for the inspiration Leslie!


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