Supersized 2.0 Released – Now with Transitions & Controls

Supersized 2.0 Released – Now with Transitions & Controls

This is an outdated version! Supersized has been moved and updated to a more permanent home at the official Supersized project page. Check there for the latest release notes and features!

Features of Supersized 2.0 – The Exciting Sequel

Since the release of the original Supersized back in February, I have had a fair amount of time to gather feedback, read comments, and plan out what version two would hold. At long last Supersized 2.0 has arrived, here’s what is new:


  • Transitions : Fade, Sliding (Up, Down, Right, Left), and None. Options galore!
  • Navigation : Forwards, backwards, pause, play.
  • Preloading : Loading screen while images load to keep things smooth.
  • Captions : An image can have a caption, defined by it’s title attribute.
  • Slide Counter : Let’s you know which slide you are on and how many total.
  • Pause on Hover : This option pauses the slideshow when the image is being hovered over.
  • Vertical Center : Exactly what it sounds like – vertically centers image.

Those are a couple of the main features to get excited about, but I would encourage you to check it out for yourself, click the demo button to head over to our new Supersized project page.

As always please leave and thoughts, suggestions, questions, comments, or dreams below. Thank you so much.

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