Tweet to Win #1 – 1000 Business Cards

Tweet to Win #1 – 1000 Business Cards

Hello internet! We’ve got 1000 business cards from AllBusinessCards to give away, and it only takes a couple moments to make your entry.

How to Enter

Before we’re accused of blatant plagiarism, we’d like to give a big head nod to Brian Hoff of the Design Cubicle for inspiring this model of giveaway. The simplicity is brilliant, and he deserves the credit.

So here’s the deal: You pick out a post from Build Internet! that you found particularly inspiring and then tweet it out along with a hashtag of #buildinternet. This is our way of tracking your entries, and it will keep things rounded up in a simple fashion. We’d appreciate if you also leave a comment below including your twitter id.

An example tweet might look like this:

How to Center a Website with CSS #buildinternet

In one week, on May 26th, we’ll be picking a winner at random from the entries. They will be contacted via DM (or email if comment is below) within a few days of the contest closes.

Rules, Limits, Etc.

In the interest of fairness you may only enter once. Retweets will not be calculated in, so don’t worry about other people unintentionally stealing your thunder.

Business cards include shipping for free within the US only. If you’re entering from another country, be prepared to pay a small shipping fee for delivery (The cards are still a good deal!).

Once again, the deadline for this contest is in one week! It only takes a second though, so why not tweet now? Also, if you haven’t already, reach out and follow Build Internet! on twitter, where we’re social on a daily basis.

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  1. @danielsound Author Editor
    :) twitted

    @danielsound’s last blog


  2. Niki Brown Author Editor

    Love the blog, but am extremely tired of bloggers and online printers ‘spamming’ the Internets with giveaways.

    They really don’t add value to a blog.

    Again just my 2 cents – i have participated in giveaways on my own blog. It just gets old.


    • Zach Dunn Author Editor


      You know, I can absolutely appreciate where you’re coming from. Here’s my mentality on giveaways:

      This blog has done a lot of growing in the past few months, and with that has come a surge of people interested in reaching out to our readers in a number of ways. One of the most common solicitations we receive now is for giveaway opportunities. Not of of them are accepted, and this is a number that is decreasing with time as we move towards a more mature blog status.

      Personally, my standards for running giveaways have to do with two factors. First is the value of the prize to the reader. If the prize is little more than promotional garbage, it won’t benefit anyone except the sponsoring company. We turn these kinds of offers down in a hurry. The second is spacing between these kinds of “spammy” posts. We’re not in the habit of “Comment below to win” for this very reason; we go for substance. Because I do agree with you — It absolutely sucks seeing a front page of a blog filled with giveaway announcements and results.

      We try to make the giveaways run actually worth the potential reward. This is a low level of effort for something that could be beneficial to one of our readers. Sure sponsorship of a contest always implies a hope of continued sales, but there is no obligation on the part of our readers. I would guess that for many of them it would be great if they won free cards, but they wouldn’t go out and purchase them if they didn’t.

      Please don’t get us wrong, we recognize that having too many giveaways severely undervalues a blog. I mean, you’re talking to a guy who feels absolutely dirty if there is more than one post from “Site News” on the front page. I know that actual substance is absolutely paramount to running a successful blog. Without genuine original content, we’d have nothing more than a glorified billboard.

      But in this case, we’re looking at a small level of commitment for a potential prize that could have some great possibilities for a reader. The label is inconsequential in the end. In the future, we may not run smaller giveaways as one-offs anymore. This is a blog for web design, development, and business. The moment we stop serving those topics is the moment we need to re-evaluate.

      So that was a long-winded response, but hopefully it’s grammatically correct enough for a read. Also! Western Massachusetts. We have no accents… or sense of direction when it comes to Massachusetts. Sorry if that disappoints, but always glad to see a fellow New Englander in the web niche. Sincerely, thanks for your comments Niki!


  3. Niki Brown Author Editor

    …and hello! I see you are in my neck of the woods! I’m in Bahhhhhhstun :)

    Niki Brown’s last blog post..Coding Calendars For The Web


  4. Hussain M Elius Author Editor

    tweeted as well :)

    Cheers ^^

    Hussain M Elius’s last blog post..My first experience in going viral


  5. Callum Chapman Author Editor

    I agree with everything you (Zach) said about the giveaways. They’re definitely worth it though when the reader really does get something back from the giveaway! I’m about to tweet, my user is callumchapman :)

    Callum Chapman’s last blog post..21 Free CD Textures


  6. hd-J Author Editor

    Twitted! Good idea!

    hd-J’s last blog post..How to: give more contrast and color to eyes


  7. hd-J Author Editor

    Arf… I forgot to add my twitter username… @jeherve

    hd-J’s last blog post..How to: give more contrast and color to eyes


  8. little g creations Author Editor

    just started a business – hope i win, could use some cards one less thing to worry bout.



  9. Steve Robillard Author Editor

    I like the idea of twittering to build buzz around exisiting content (may need to steal I mean borrow it).



  10. zibaz Author Editor

    This is great , but i dont even wanna try it... Too many people already in this , and i dont like small odds :D

    zibaz’s last blog post..Is my online girlfriend really a guy?


  11. Joël Cox Author Editor

    Haha Zibaz.

    There are only 12 mentions on Twitter as I’m writing. And 1/12 is a higher odd than no chance at all, plus, you support Build Internet! ;-)

    Joël Cox’s last blog post..Review: De wet op internet


  12. David Etheridge-Bartow Author Editor

    This is a great site, btw. Definitely will be coming back!


  13. Valerie Babin Author Editor




  14. Jason Author Editor

    Tweeted ;)

    Jason’s last blog post..Windows 7: Update your NVIDIA drivers


  15. Marta Ferreirinha Author Editor

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    Twitter ID: MartaFer


  16. Jad Limcaco Author Editor

    I want to win.

    Jad Limcaco’s last blog post..10 FREE and Helpful Web Design Resources


  17. Sumon Author Editor

    tweet tweet..
    i <3 the color schemes :)



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