A Showcase of Musically Inspired Logos

A Showcase of Musically Inspired Logos

Music has always been a big industry. Today we’ve decided to give you some graphic design motivation by showcasing some highlights from music themed logos.

One of the trends that you’ll notice from the group below is the repeated use of notes to further convey an association to music. Negative space is used very well in many, especially with distinct elements like piano keys and guitar silhouettes.

I don’t know if using notes as a design element has reached a cliche status yet, but after looking at some of the creative takes below, it doesn’t look like there will be a shortage of fresh ideas anytime soon.

Many of these were scavenged from across the internet, so you can find their original homes by clicking on the image.

Music Themed Logos

Branding and identity with some melodic undertones. Was that even a pun? In any case, here’s a selection of 22 logos based around music:

Indie Artist Station Logo

DJ Darwin Logo

Audiotorium Logo

Tape Logo

Live After Five

Infinite Records Logo

Music City Logo

Beatlove Logo

Audiostring Logo

Flaminotes Logo

Sure Fire Music Logo


Digital Music Directory Logo

Swanote Logo

Piano Forest Logo

Heartbeats Logo

Musicas Logo

Wiesinger Music

Estudio Fuga Logo

Eurovision Contest Logo

Harmony Music Logo

Female Guitarist Logo

Keep the Graphical Beat

Now that you’ve seen a sample of music related branding, do you have any favorites? Personally, I’m a big fan of the Flamingo-as-a-musical-note idea. How about you?

Also! If you know of a logo that fits into this musical theme, please share your findings (or creations) in the comments below. We’d love to see more.

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  1. Chris Collins Author Editor

    These are wonderful. My favorites are Infinite Records, Beat Love, and Piano Forest.
    .-= Chris Collins´s last blog ..Dante Bucci: Hang Drum Master =-.


  2. Mirko Author Editor

    Loving the Audiotorium logo, wish I designed it.
    .-= Mirko´s last blog ..An interview with Marcus Kraft, graphic designer =-.


  3. Ben Author Editor

    Love Audiotorium and Piano Forest, very clever indeed.
    .-= Ben´s last blog ..Mainstream, free premium WordPress theme =-.


  4. Tim Smith Author Editor

    I love the Audiotorium and Beat Love. Excellent logos. Thanks!
    .-= Tim Smith´s last blog ..Some facts about colour =-.


  5. ben Author Editor

    These are really creative logos. Wish I was that talented!


  6. Fabian / brandsimplicity Author Editor

    Swan note has great movement and piano forest is very cool.


  7. Brendan O’Neil Author Editor

    Great stuff Elyse! Weisinger Music has to be my favorite here with Beat Love a close second.
    .-= Brendan O’Neil´s last blog ..Web.Burza =-.


  8. martin Author Editor

    hey maybe you’ll like this too:


  9. Christopher Author Editor

    Weisinger Music’s logo is strong and intelligent. I love it. Corporate and creative at the same time. Beatlove gets the “2”.


  10. Bim Author Editor

    Inspiring. All very creative and well thought out. Hopefully in the future I’ll create something as great as these.
    .-= Bim´s last blog ..i see the light =-.


  11. MZD Author Editor

    Quick question. What are the names of the fonts used in the logo for Digital Music Directory and Wiesinger Music?



  12. Anton Author Editor

    Metro FM, a South African Radio station also has a nice one. http://www.metrofm.co.za/


  13. Maya Author Editor

    thanks for sharing my logo – Indie Artist Station. I used to have a website interviewing musicians, managers, labels, etc. involved in the making of music (the business side) but had to shut it down… humbled that you mentioned it. awesome! -maya


  14. mimo kotob Author Editor

    very nice work Weisinger Music is my favorite :)



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