The Rebranding of a Company – A Case Study

The Rebranding of a Company – A Case Study

Over the past few months, I’ve been part of the rebranding process of Cazzu Media to One Mighty Roar. It’s been quite a lengthy journey, but I came out with some new insights regarding the reinvention of an identity.

I’ve put together the three main steps of rebranding, outlined some of my experiences with them, and included some general thoughts/personal discoveries within each. With that being said, let’s start recreating ourselves…come along won’t you?

The Name

Hi my name is...


  • Unique/Memorable enough to only say once
  • Fun/Quirky
  • Reason behind it

Whenever I introduced Cazzu Media in a conversation I could almost guarantee two questions followed by a mispronunciation- How do you spell that? or What does that mean?

Besides this becoming a nuisance, it brought up an important point – the name really didn’t stick. The pronunciation was open to interpretation when on paper and it wasn’t a relevant. Sometimes creating a brand around a made up word works, but in this case we didn’t have one product to attach to the name, we had our services.

The brainstorming process went through many stages but ultimately arrived on the fact that we liked short phrases as names (Examples being companies like Big Red Tank or Big Spaceship). After coming up with a bunch of phrases that followed the Adjective Adjective Noun/Verb pattern, we settled on One Mighty Roar.

Our tagline – “Join the internet” is one aspect we carried over, it is applicable to both clients and potential blog viewers, flexibility is something to strive for.

To us a website is someone’s one shout out/proclamation to the world, so it should be powerful. One Mighty Roar if you will.

The Logo

Before & After Logo


  • Not ambiguous
  • Versatile for print and multiple color schemes
  • Avoid fluff

Cazzu Media had a logo which looked snazzy because of some Web 2.0 effects that added some shine and pop. It was relevant only in that it was used sets of 3 in its design – the number of people in the company. This was something we weren’t really questioned on, but it’s not a message that is either relevant or apparent.

Going in, I knew that I wanted a logo that broke the mold. What better place to start than by throwing text alignment away — no parallel lines here. I continued this idea by modeling the three words after a common comic use for noise:

Sketches of logo

After a fair share of tinkering I came up with a sheet of logo variations.

Logo Sheet

Initially settling on the blob background with the shades of purple, we decided the best move be simply the text version because of its versatility in print and regardless of color.

Blob or Text?

This stage cemented the idea that we wanted to use a royal purple, it is a sleek color and fits nicely with the blues we use for Build Internet!

The Website

Before and After Websites


  • Large Banner to showcase work/messages
  • Use a watercolor/paint theme combined with a minimalist look
  • Provide a hub for both our client work and our blog network

I ended up doing quite a few Photoshop mockups that didn’t quite have the flair I wanted. I’ve put together an album with each revision for your viewing pleasure, some insight into the design process if you will.

One Mighty Roar Rebranding Gallery

One particular dark themed design almost ended up being our final design, to the point where we coded two pages, but we found it too plain in the end.

In the end we chose the bright royal purple design you see today on the live website. Check out the final product and see where this journey took us.

The Winner

Looking Back

The most important part of this process was the ability to remain objective when it came to designs, always looking for improvements. Sometimes that took walking away for a few days to come back with a fresh set of eyes. Additionally, playing around with different shades/saturation of purple really helped us get that “pop” we were looking for.

So there you have it, One Mighty Roar (Formerly Cazzu Media), I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the final design, as well as the rebranding process in general. Have at it in the comments. And on that note…

Open for Business

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  1. favSHARE Author Editor

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  2. Niki Brown Author Editor

    Hey Sam – good to read about your design process. The more we talk about how we do what we do the better we understand it ourselves!
    .-= Niki Brown ´s last blog ..I’m On Vacation… =-.


  3. jfs Author Editor

    “interesting” in working with us? was that intentional?


  4. Zach Dunn Author Editor

    Well that’s mildly embarrassing. A typo in an image? Thanks for pointing that out jfs


  5. jfs Author Editor

    no prob! i hate typos myself, but it’s unavoidable in our line of work.


  6. Utopie – Website Design Liverpool Author Editor

    You can spot a designer by his lack of spelling and abundance of typos… just the way a designers brain works…


  7. Nicholas Z. Cardot Author Editor

    It’s nice to see your development process here. It came out really nice. Great work!
    .-= Nicholas Z. Cardot´s last blog ..Independence Day – 233 Years of Freedom =-.


  8. Rondal Author Editor

    Thanks for sharing this insightful look behind your rebranding process. You made some very good points on how to choose a name and remaining objective. It’s also exciting to see someone trying to break away from the overused Web 2.0 design trend.


  9. Logo Design Monster Author Editor

    It was most insightful to read through your logo design process / rebranding. I think the final result looks really good. Thanks for sharing, great work.


  10. Jan Author Editor

    Need a graphic Designer for a logo


  11. MISSRuBy Author Editor

    I really appreciate you walking us through the process of your website re-branding. I think it was a great idea to recall the final touches as much as you did before calling your project complete. One Mighty Roar is absolutely a better name. My only concern is that it doesn’t include any words directly associated with web/logo design etc., that will trigger that sort of connection between what you do, and what your potential clients are looking for. All in all, GREAT job guys!


  12. NRI PAN Card Author Editor

    Awesome looks….Great process


  13. Bubble Shooter Author Editor

    What i know is that rebranding is not an easy task but this work is great :)



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