Get a Discount for New Zend Framework Book

Get a Discount for New Zend Framework Book

Last week we wrapped up a giveaway for Jason Gilmore’s new Zend Framework book. Not one of our winners? Don’t worry, we’ve still got a deal for you.

Thanks to a deal we’ve set up with Jason for Build Internet readers, you can get “Easy PHP Websites with the Zend Frameworks” at a discounted price by using one of our special promotional codes.

About the Book

In this book, you’ll be introduced the the Zend PHP framework. The site has a brief synopsis:

Looking for the no nonsense guide to building cool websites? Easy PHP Websites with the Zend Framework focuses on showing you how to accomplish practical tasks such as building websites quickly using the powerful Zend Framework, earning affiliate revenues using the Amazon Associates Web Service, processing payments with PayPal, and integrating maps using the Google Maps API. Purchase includes access to more than 3 hours of online video supplements!

If you’ve been considering getting started in PHP frameworks, this is a great way to get started. The added bonus? You’ll get a discount for snagging the book as a reader of Build Internet.

Book Discount Codes

Depending on which version you wish to buy, there are two discount codes to choose from. You will enter them as part of the ordering process on the book’s website. In order to take advantage of this deal you must purchase the book through the official site, and not through a third party vendor (e.g. Amazon).

The discount codes are the following:


$25.00 (includes shipping) offer for the print version of “Easy PHP Websites with the Zend Framework” + PDF + video access. Due to shipping costs this offer is only valid for U.S. residents.


$18.00 offer for e-book version of “Easy PHP Websites with the Zend Framework” + video access. This offer is valid for everyone.

Start Learning Zend

We’re hoping to get some more Zend-based tutorials on the site in the coming months, and this book will give a great head start. If you learn the ropes fast enough, we may even be hosting a guest article that you’ve written on the framework. Grab the book and get started.

Have any questions about the details of this deal? Leave a comment below.

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  1. rohnn Author Editor

    $4 with discount is good deal for e-book.
    still… hmmm …

    Code d’erreur : ssl_error_bad_cert_domain

    oops !!


  2. Jason Gilmore Author Editor

    Sorry about that folks, a little SSL chaos, problem has been fixed! -Jason
    .-= Jason GilmoreĀ“s last blog ..Easy PHP Websites with the Zend Framework has published! =-.



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