The Eighth Month

The Eighth Month

After just closing out another phenomenal month of growth, we’ve got plenty of highlights to share in this month’s review.

The numbers from July 2009 have broken every previously held record to date, and that’s been a huge motivation for Sam and I to keep momentum going.

Are you new here and wondering what this post is? This is Build Internet’s month in review, in which we go through and share the “behind the scenes” numbers and happenings. Let’s take a look:

Traffic and Stats

This month was just shy of 400K pageviews, up from last month’s 226K. The most exciting part? Almost a third of our lifetime traffic was generated during the month of July. I’ll let the charts from our Analytics account below do the rest of the talking.

Pageviews from July 2009

Just like last month, we’ve seen similar numbers time spent on the site and bounce rate carry over. In other exciting news, we’ve breached the 200K visitor/month mark.

July 2009 Overview

The spread of traffic sources remained largely the same. During weekdays Build Internet averages ~1100 results/day.

Traffic Source from July 09

We reached a total of 191 countries during the past 31 days. The United States, Germany, and the UK are among some of the biggest percentages.

World View

Interested in a more comprehensive look at our numbers? Download the full dashboard report below for more.

Subscribers and Followers

We’re always happy to see an increase in RSS subscribers. We’re up from about 3500 last month to an average high of 4400. If you haven’t committed yourself yet, here’s a link and some encouragement.

Thanks to everyone who started following us on Twitter this month. You were part of the enormous jump from 2140 in June to 3051 going into August.

Technorati hasn’t exactly been one of the most consistent ranking systems in the world, but the average has hovered between 5500 and 6,500.

Top Posts and Content

Here’s the most popular posts in July 2009. We’ve actually got some diversity in this batch, with posts from all topics and time frames.

  1. Fonts Used in the Logos of Popular Websites
  2. Five Minute Upgrade – Making Your Design Pop
  3. Animate Curtains Opening with jQuery
  4. Sliding Boxes and Captions with jQuery
  5. How to Make a Smooth Animated Menu with jQuery

I’d also like to bring some attention to the number of high quality guest posts that we’ve had this month. Our guest authors have written all sorts of great things, including a three part introduction to object oriented PHP and explanations of four methods to create equal height columns. After July’s showing, we’re especially excited to premiere some first time guest authors on the blog in the next week or so.

Adsense and BuySellAds

Adsense continues to perform admirably, and the average is on a steady climb. We’ve experimented with different ad unit sizes and placements over the past few weeks, and we’re looking forward to seeing the results over time.

We also did some adjusting in BuySellAds this month, and introduced a new double-wide space located above our traditional 125×125. Envato’s ThemeForest was the first to claim it. We’ve still got a couple places free around the site, so if you’re running an ad campaign be sure to take a look.

The Launch of a Blog

This past month, we officially launched the third member of the One Mighty Roar blog network. Officeal is a blog that showcases galleries and profiles of fantastic places to work.

Haven’t checked it out yet? You’re missing out on some of the most inspiring offices to make any creative type jealous. As an added bonus, our finished office is featured in there. Take a look at where we work from!

One Mighty Roar on Officeal

What’s Planned for August?

We’ve got a few announcements to make this month about upcoming events/operations on the blog.

Sam and I will be on vacation until August 11th. We’re going to try our best to schedule some great posts in advance, along with some articles from guest authors to keep the regular post schedule rolling. That being said, this coming week may not see the same daily posting that’s been going on

T-Minus 22 Days

Towards the end of the month, on August 23rd, we’re heading back to school. What does this mean for Build Internet? Nothing too drastic, except a slightly less aggressive posting schedule. Five posts a week was great over a full time office summer schedule, but we’re going to have some time taken away by classes and related work. Sam and I will be aiming for a posting schedule of 2-3 per week, but that number with likely be boosted by guest authors.

We’ve got something very exciting in talks right now with an equally exciting web and marketing company. I’m going to keep it vague until things are all in place, but you’ll definitely like the results. The only hint you’ll get right now is that it indirectly involves a big name blogger. How’s that for suspense?

A Request for Feedback

This month I’d like to ask a favor of our regular readers. Sam and I would like to hear your feedback. What would you like to see more of? Anything we’ve overdone lately? Since our posting schedule will be scaling back once school starts up again, this will help shape the coming months of the blog. We want to make sure that when we do post, it is with content that keeps you interested. Any feedback or suggestions? We’re all ears.

Keep on Internet-ing,

Sam & Zach Dunn

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  1. Henry Author Editor

    Just completed my first month on my blog too! Not sure if I should post the stats. What do you guys suggest?
    .-= Henry´s last blog ..Daily Creative Inspiration #32 =-.


    • Zach Dunn Author Editor

      Thanks for the enthusiasm everyone.


      I say go for it. It’s just as much for you as it is for any readers you may have. I like having posts to look back on each every month that showcase how things were going.

      You may not have the greatest numbers in the opening months, but that makes it more exciting when they start to grow. Build Internet only had 14,000 pageviews in its first month. Looking back, that’s a humbling starting point!


  2. Raja Sekharan Author Editor

    Congradulations on your meteoric rise Zach and Sam! Your stats look amazing.
    .-= Raja Sekharan´s last blog ..How To Add A Administration Page In WordPress =-.


  3. Callum Chapman Author Editor

    Wow, excellent stats! You’ve come a long way since I first found the site and won those business cards!
    Congrats guys!
    .-= Callum Chapman´s last blog ..7 Abstract Acrylic Paint Textures =-.


  4. Mohamed Ben Dhaou Author Editor

    Hi, Congrats !!! These inside information are amazing, we can actually learn from them to make better our own websites.
    .-= Mohamed Ben Dhaou´s last blog ..6 Firefox Extensions To View Alexa Informations =-.


  5. Michael Kozakewich Author Editor

    Ha, I haven’t managed to gain a single follower.
    But then, I write mainly about myself. I should ‘blog’ less and ‘Blog’ more!
    .-= Michael Kozakewich´s last blog ..Redesign! =-.


  6. Stefan Author Editor

    Just downloaded your report and will have a better look at it in the morning. Would it be possible to see a more detailed view of where your visitors come from? (referral sites)
    .-= Stefan´s last blog ..How to Keep Track of Your Comments =-.


    • Zach Dunn Author Editor


      I’ll try to put together a more comprehensive list for you soon.


  7. Joël Cox Author Editor

    Another great month!

    One thing I would like to see are more design related articles. Those 5 minutes upgrades are another thing I totally love. Just a few small adjustments to make your website stand out of crowd.
    .-= Joël Cox´s last blog ..Review: De wet op internet =-.


  8. Melody Author Editor

    The early success of this site is soo inspiring for new bloggers..I definitely gotta get on the move!
    .-= Melody´s last blog ..Minute Monday: 5 Inspiring Digital Paintings =-.


  9. guns Author Editor

    Congratulations on your success; I know it’s hard to build.

    But you guys really need to cut down on the navel-gazing. It feels like having “monthly anniversaries” with a sensitive 16 year old boyfriend. You know he means well, and you’re happy that he values the relationship, but damn it if you’re not bored as hell.


  10. Zach Dunn Author Editor


    Respectfully, I think you’re off base with intention of our monthly reviews.

    We’re not attempting to make it a monthly self-indulgent pat on the back. This is an ongoing progress report and look behind the scenes. Based on feedback, it’s appreciated by a number of our readers.

    We also consider these posts part of an ongoing case study with Build Internet as a subject. It’s our hope that these posts show some useful information to fellow bloggers looking to boost their own numbers. Part of this blog’s focus is a business end after all.

    It’s unfortunate that you’re not a fan of these posts, but they do only come once a month. We made about 20 posts this month. I’d like to think that one of such a high number per month doesn’t sour the rest of the content. This is our one time per month where we write openly about things that aren’t based in code or theory, and it’s something we look forward to sharing with the community.

    We’re not into the awkward 16 year old relationships either, but on this one I don’t think it’s going to be changing. My advice? Try dating older.


  11. Jonny Author Editor

    I really enjoyed this post. It’s nice to know that your opening month was around 14k pageviews, cuz that’s about what I’ve got in my opening month. Gives me hope. :D


  12. Jaheim Author Editor

    Great read! Looking forward to the next one!


  13. Hter Author Editor

    Sorry that I found too late … :(


  14. itthonot Author Editor

    I supposed that you will certainly receive many free traffics from others promoting your atcile in the process.


  15. Adam Mason Author Editor

    Fantastic post! Going to share this on Facebook for sure.


  16. Bticino Author Editor

    interesting post, thanks, with the multitude of blogs lately, i like the amount of good info we are able to find



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