Win a Copy of “Easy PHP Websites with the Zend Framework”

Win a Copy of “Easy PHP Websites with the Zend Framework”

This contest is now closed. Thanks to all who participated!

Earlier this week, we posted an essay “Why PHP Frameworks Matter” by Jason Gilmore. It did very well. To help keep the framework train rolling, Jason was kind enough to donate 10 copies of his recent book on the Zend framework for a give away to Build Internet’s readers.

If you’re new to PHP frameworks, haven’t quite figured them out yet, or have no idea what they can do, this is a great opportunity to get started.

With so many developers picking up frameworks to speed up development time, it’s a great bandwagon to be on and now’s as good a time as any to begin.

The Prizes

We have five print and five digital e-Book copies of Jason’s book up for grabs. To keep shipping under control, the print copies will be only available to readers in the USA while the digital copies will only be available to everyone else.

International Prize (Non-U.S.)

DRM-free e-Book + videos + forum access

U.S. Prize

Print book + DRM-free e-Book + videos + forum access

How to Enter

For your chance at getting this great book for free, we’re looking for a comment below containing two things:

  1. Whether you are an international reader or from the U.S.
  2. The “working title” for a PHP tutorial/article that you’d like to see written (e.g. “How to Add Ratings Using PHP and MySQLi”). Subjects include pure PHP, frameworks, or WordPress.

As you might have guessed, some your suggestions might be turned into an upcoming post on the blog. We’ll be randomly selecting and contacting winners via the email address used to comment, so make sure to use a valid one.

Deadline for submissions is at the end of the day on Friday, August 21st. Winners will be contacted shortly after for shipping information. Good luck!

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80 Comments 2 Mentions

  1. James Kupernik Author Editor

    I’m a reader from the US. I would like to see a comprehensive MySQLi tutorial.


  2. Ben Silver Author Editor

    from the USA, and I would like to see a post called “Background Scripting: Custom statistics and data storage”


  3. Austin Author Editor

    I’m from the US, and I’d like to see a post called, “Comparing PHP Frameworks: CakePHP and CodeIgniter”.
    .-= Austin´s last blog ..Amazon: PHP API =-.


  4. Pipo Zoft Author Editor

    I’m from Cuba,but I live at USA,I’d like to see a good post with videotutorial, if it’s that possible about “Building a site from the scrach using PHP with Symphony Framework”.
    .-= Pipo Zoft´s last blog ..pipozoft: 20 SEO Tips That Every Web Developer Should Follow =-.


  5. Stefan Author Editor

    1) I’m from Sweden (international)

    2) How to Create a Photo Portfolio With WordPress
    .-= Stefan´s last blog ..Why You Constantly Fail to Get Things Done =-.


  6. Eric B. Author Editor

    I’m from Canada.

    I’m not sure if this still counts, but I would also like to see a comparison of PHP frameworks.
    .-= Eric B.´s last blog ..Creating a PHP CMS – Part 2 =-.


  7. Leon Tinker Author Editor

    “And now for something completely diferent… PHP + MySQL + jQuery” It can make better use of the jQuery to eliminate the use of Flash in some interactions and looks cool in all browsers.

    Also PHP for WebApps in Iphone


  8. Richard Author Editor

    International user.

    “Frameworks capebilities“
    “Sessions using MySql databse“
    “Creating shop cart“
    “WordPress as Enterprise CMS“
    Tutorials with CodeIgnatore, best practices
    “Most often security risks in PHP and MySql”
    “Faster work with Mysql” optimizing it.
    .-= Richard´s last blog ..Mokykliniai konspektai realiame gyvenime =-.


  9. Shawn B. Author Editor

    From the USA.

    I would like to see a tutorial on how to make a WYSWYG text input (like if you could bold or italicize words in this comment box with a button) with JQuery.


  10. ktycat Author Editor

    I’m an international reader. I would also be interested by a walkthrough to build a gallery with wordpress (goes with the photo portfolio idea).


  11. webdev Author Editor

    1) I’m from Romania (international)
    2) I would like to see an detailed article about Drupal framework and how to build sites, modules, etc. I know you can fill a book with it but you may make a series or at least a great explanatory article of how the inner things of the framework do work.
    .-= webdev´s last blog ..New Versions of Flash Player and AIR Available =-.


  12. Patternhead Author Editor

    Hey, I’m an international reader based in the UK.

    I’d love to see a tutorial that covers best practices for authentication and authorization in PHP.
    .-= Patternhead´s last blog ..Free Shiny Vector Design Elements =-.


  13. MorayWeb Author Editor


    “Expanding CodeIgniter” a look at developing and implementing your own libraries, helpers and plugins.
    .-= MorayWeb´s last blog ..A Bit Of An Update! =-.


  14. Hezi Author Editor

    I’m an international reader.

    “integrating Facebook Mail API with PHP”
    .-= Hezi´s last blog ..HeziAbrass: R.I.P Les Paul =-.


  15. Gaurav Author Editor

    I am reader from UK (International). I would like to see a “Create API and Webservice with PHP ” with or without any framework.
    .-= Gaurav´s last blog ..Flash Builder 4 and Flash Catalyst betas are available on Adobe Labs =-.


  16. Raja Sekharan Author Editor

    I’m a reader from India. I think the best way for people to learn is by seeing it done and applying it themeslves. I’d like to see a actual project being made using a framework – “How To Make A Simple Blog Software Using CakePHP/CodeIgniter”. It need not be a blog software, it can be any small CRUD application like a simple shopping cart.
    .-= Raja Sekharan´s last blog ..WP Responder – E-Mail Subscription And Follow Up Autoresponder WordPress Plugin =-.


  17. DJ Author Editor

    From the Netherlands, Europe.

    “CMS from A – Z with PHP”.

    A tutorial/article about setting up a user friendly CMS where different users have different publishing rights (how to set up the DB, how to initialize the user-accounts, how to set the publishing rights, how to back-up the changes into a log file, …)


  18. ChazUK Author Editor

    I’m an international reader from the UK. Really enjoy reading your articles and tutorials, but I’d like to see something along the lines of “Creating Custom Validation Class in PHP5”, not just validation, but other interesting ones as well, like user tracking, statistics gathering etc.
    .-= ChazUK´s last blog ..Back to business =-.


  19. Tobi Author Editor

    International Reader
    “Test-driven development with PHP”


  20. libeco Author Editor

    I’m from the Netherlands

    “Can Drupal with its many modules be compared to a PHP framework?”
    .-= libeco´s last blog ..Sailing on Gooimeer =-.


  21. David Author Editor

    I’m an international reader from Norway.

    Would be lovely to see some arcticles on ORM’s like Zend_Db or Propel.


  22. Ryan Author Editor

    US reader.

    Creating a store finder with PHP & MySQL.


  23. Josh Author Editor

    From the US – I’d like an article about design patterns with PHP and which is best suited for what purpose.


  24. Jônatan Fróes Author Editor

    1. From Brazil
    2. Why don’t you “try” and “catch” – a tutorial about error handle.
    .-= Jônatan Fróes´s last blog ..tweetGrab (Miscellaneous) =-.


  25. Steve Robillard Author Editor

    I am a US reader, and would love to see an article on templating (ideally with php alone or with smarty). I would also love to see a non trivial article on propel and db versioning. Lastly how about an article on building and deploying your completed solution (using phing and xinc).
    .-= Steve Robillard´s last blog ..Hello world! =-.


  26. Pablo Lara H Author Editor

    I am a international reader from Chile. I would like to go back to the basics and some tutorials about Ajax and PHP would be nice. From basic to advanced.
    Thank you.


  27. Chris Gedrim Author Editor

    I’m a reader from the UK (International) and I’d like to see “How that MVC Architecture really works in PHP”


  28. John Author Editor

    From the USA! I would like to see an article on “Utilizing Client Side Technologies in PHP”.

    For elaborate further, sqllite on the iphone, front end frameworks like jquery, advanced cookies, etc. Basically anything that will push the cpu usage from the server to the client.

    Love the site!
    .-= John´s last blog ..Blue Clover co-founder and CEO appears on Movers and Shakers radio show =-.


  29. Eoghan O’Brien Author Editor

    Hi I’m a reader from Ireland. I’d love to see a tutorial on how to create a simple RESTful application with Zend Framework.


  30. Daniel Author Editor

    Hi, first things first: I’m from Austria (which is not in the US) so I would love to win the eBook (without shipping costs) ;P
    Currently I’m trying to use the Zend Framework, but actually I don’t quite know how to start…
    So an article about starting up using Zend Framework would be great!


  31. Juarez P. A. Filho Author Editor

    1) I’m from Brazil (international)
    2) I would like to see an article about WordPress and Ajax because it’s very difficult find one good article about it.
    .-= Juarez P. A. Filho´s last blog ..Google Quick Search Box… For Mac Users =-.


  32. João Silva Author Editor

    Hi there.

    1) I’m from Brasil (international)
    2) I would like to see an detailed article about CMS Drupal. I usually see websites build in Drupal and looks amazing.


  33. Juckson Victor Author Editor

    1) I’m from Brazil (international)
    2) One Article about convert PSD to HTML/CSS. I’m learning with my brother and really appreciate that.


  34. Eric Sizemore Author Editor

    1.) From the USA
    2.) “PHP 5.3 – Namespaces, Late static binding, and closures oh my.” hehe ;)


  35. Pablo Nevares Author Editor

    1) I’m a reader from the U.S.
    2) “The Right Way To Implement Templating With PHP”


  36. Ryan Grant Author Editor

    international (Canada)
    I would love to see a php guide to “creating secure login systems via PHP and MySQL”


  37. Ahmed Cogenli Author Editor

    * Reader from US
    * I’d love to see an article about connecting computers in the local network and using telnet commands via PHP 4.0/5.0 or PHP Frameworks.



  38. David W. Author Editor

    – USA
    – I’d like to see a guide on how to create a modular application with the Zend Framework.


  39. Chadwick Author Editor

    1) U.S. reader

    2) “Zend Framework from Scratch” or “Zend Framework Certification Guide”


  40. Konstantin Author Editor

    1. international (Germany)
    2. Sessions 101, explaining how sessions work, combined with using cookies
    .-= Konstantin´s last blog ..Individualisierung von Navigationsmenüs in WordPress =-.


  41. Jonathan Author Editor

    USA, Suwanee Georgia.
    I’d like to see an article on “Why use MVC, and how?”, or “All about the MVC architecture. A Beginner’s Guide.”
    .-= Jonathan´s last blog ..Netflix Website Conceptual Homepage Redesign =-.


  42. Montana Flynn Author Editor

    Hello from the USA! I would love to learn more about the zend framework.

    For the article title:

    “Code a SEO optimized CMS with the Zend Framework.”


  43. John Author Editor


    Job Interview questions for interviewing PHP hot shots


  44. mokin Author Editor

    Hi there.

    1. I’m from Thailand
    2. I would like to see an detailed article about CMS wordpress.


  45. Marcus André Author Editor

    Hi Build Internet Team.

    1. I’m an international reader from Germany.
    2. I’d love to read something about “How to write, implement and use an ACL-Class written in PHP”.



  46. Sandra Author Editor

    I’m an international reader, from Belgium!
    I ‘ld like to see a tutorial with the title “how to create a photo gallery with PHP an MySql with an administration space to upload easier new images”.
    Thanks for your website, so interesting!


  47. Chris D. Author Editor

    Subject: Lightspeed Fast “Search Suggestions” with Zend PHP Framework and MySQL”


  48. John K Author Editor

    Hey guys, I’m an international reader from Greece!

    I would like to read a tutorial about “How to transform wordpress to a powerfull CMS website”

    See ya!
    .-= John K´s last blog ..Διαγωνισμός Κερδίστε 3 άδειες του Task2Gather =-.


  49. Vincent Author Editor

    I’m a reader from the United States. I would love to see a tutorial about “Developing a eCommerce WordPress Site” and maybe a follow-up about “Designing a eCommerce WordPress Site”.


  50. mary Author Editor

    I’m in the US and I already have the book, but I would love to see a detailed tutorial walkthrough on Building an app with PHP5 using an object oriented approach from scratch.
    .-= mary´s last blog ..Building a Website With MODx for Newbies – Part 11: Adding Comments with Jot =-.


  51. DExcode Author Editor

    Hi, I am from downunder (AU) so am international. I would love to see an article titled “CSS control with PHP”.


  52. James Author Editor

    I’m from the UK
    I’d like to see an article about “User Authentication using PHP”


  53. JD Ross Author Editor

    1. U.S. reader
    2. “Introduction to Code Igniter, how to create a web app”


  54. Kiran Author Editor

    1) I’m a Internation Reader from the UK.
    2) Product Galley using PHP


  55. nick Author Editor

    1) international reader
    2) creating online booking (ex. for hotels) or ticket reservation or something like that.


  56. Chris Author Editor

    I’m a US reader, and I’d like to see a tutorial on building a complex (ie non-blog-like) WordPress theme from scratch.


  57. Ivan Author Editor

    I’m a Aussie reader and I’d love to see a tutorial about ‘Getting practical with the zend framework ‘


  58. Noel Author Editor

    Hi, Im from Ireland. I would like to see an article comparing various php frameworks. Cheers


  59. tina Author Editor

    from USA. A “Working Title”, The Beginning of the conclusion winning the battle of creating framework like the Zend , MYSQLi., thanks to Jason Gilmore who chose to share this book maybe if we win it. I need it so much!. thanks


  60. tina Author Editor

    A Conclusion to working with PHR, Mysqi. a much need tutorial/article, well done.


  61. Jen Author Editor


    We love to see article on application security in a PHP Zend.
    .-= Jen´s last blog ..Modal Confirmation Dialog on Form Submit: Javascript, jQuery UI, and Thickbox Varieties =-.


  62. Daniel Groves Author Editor

    1. International (I live in the UK)
    2. I’d like to see a tutorial that shows how to build a customer login/registrations script. i.e a login script that checks that user credentials against those in a MySQL database, and also allows people to register. Would be cool is it shows how people how to use cookies to keep people logged in as well.

    Great Giveaway!
    .-= Daniel Groves´s last blog ..The plan for HiddenCSS =-.


  63. Joel Clermont Author Editor

    I’m in the US and I’d like to see a tutorial on unit testing, especially PHPUnit. The world would be a better place if more php developers were test-conscious.



  64. Valuediz Author Editor

    1) I’m an international reader.
    2) “How to create dynamic photo gallery in PHP and MySQL”


  65. Greg Szczotka Author Editor

    I’m from Poland.
    I would like a tutorial on writing routes in Zend Framework including use url helper ;)
    .-= Greg Szczotka´s last blog ..Nowa książka Tolkiena =-.


  66. Jérôme Author Editor

    Hey guys, last minute one, definitely international !
    I currently would like to read something like “Build a simple PHP (yet efficient) interface for your clients”, something covering the different aspects considering the final user, perhaps a new mini serie !
    Anyway, keep the awesome work !


  67. Miguel Author Editor

    Hi! I’m from Poland and I would like to read sth about internationalization (i18n), available solutions, examples, maybe a tutorial on how to configure zend framework (or another one) to work with this.

    Take care.


  68. Brian Klepper Author Editor

    1.) I’m a reader from the US
    2.) I would like to see a comprehensive PHP guide for front end designers using Zend Framework.
    .-= Brian Klepper´s last blog ..Steal Everything Excerpt =-.


  69. Kevin Broderick Author Editor

    (i) I’m from Ireland (International obviously enough),

    (ii) I’d be interested in an article relating to the development of a CMS using WordPress as a backend engine.

    Cheers :)


  70. MetacomCreative Author Editor

    I’m a reader from the U.S., I would like to see “When to use and when not to use a PHP framework”


  71. Irmantas Author Editor

    International (Lithuania)

    I would like to see “How integrate phpBB with WordPress”
    .-= Irmantas´s last blog ..Zend_Form multiple file uploads =-.


  72. Alexandre Planta Author Editor

    International (Brazil)
    I would like to see something like “Good and Bad tecnics for maps applications”
    Regards from monkeys island (LOL!)


  73. Arania Jain Author Editor


    I’m an international reader from the India.

    I would love to see a tutorial on “Getting your hands dirty with OOP – A beginners guide to OOP”. This tutorial may act as a handbook for beginners to OOP explaining them various advantages of OOP, applying OOP methods to your code and the way frameworks help with OOP

    .-= Arania Jain´s last blog ..I just finished installing Movable Type 4! =-.


  74. lokotek Author Editor

    International reader,
    I would like to see a how to populate pulldown menu using PHP, Ajax and MySQL.

    thanks in advance!


  75. Ed Author Editor


    1) I am from Perú
    2) I like to see how to create a CMS using PHP, MySQL, Ajax.


  76. Eduardo Loli Author Editor

    Hi, I’m international reader, and I like to see an article about how to build an e-commerce solution from scratch using PHP and MySql.


  77. Steed Author Editor

    I’m an international reader.
    An article like “A glance inside: what a framework engine consists of” would be very useful (especially if includes examples and comparison), cause it helps to understand, what you can and what you can’t do with frameworks.
    Or another side of view: “Framework vs plain PHP – performance issues”.


  78. Vadim Author Editor

    I’m a International User, I would like to see a tutorial like Jquery form validation , every possible cases.


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  80. dfcqtzzevolc Author Editor




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