Introducing You Rather: A Site About Preference

Introducing You Rather: A Site About Preference

Hello Internet,

Some of our more regular readers might have noticed that Sam and I have been scarce lately around the blog. For any sensitive folks out there worrying, we’re not mad at you. We’ve been working heavily on something that gets us excited on a daily basis. Intrigued? We hope it lives up to the hype.

Since we thoroughly adore our readers, we’re happy to first announce our next big project here on Build Internet. It’s a big step into the world outside of the design niche and (hopefully) into mainstream.

What is You Rather?

You Rather Screen

You Rather is a site dedicated to collecting “Would You Rather” questions, and providing a platform for debate.

Before today, the One Mighty Roar network has been exclusively blogs. With the launch of You Rather, we’re expanding into the realm of community driven websites. Even though it is not a blog, You Rather still falls into the overall goal of “sites with creativity in mind” that has guided the OMR network this far.

With the help of Brian Muse,  we set out to create something fun, low maintenance, and niche-less. “Would You Rather” is a game of preference for the masses.

You Rather Statistics

A Sample Question

Instead of describing the game, I’ll just share a classic example:

Would you rather live until 80 in poverty, or live until 40 in riches?

You will probably never find yourself in a situation where you are required to do one or the other, but that’s the fun of the game. If you had to pick one, which would it be?

Have an answer? Go to the official question page and cast your vote!

An Invitation to Test

You Rather User Page

The official launch date for You Rather is currently set for Monday, October 5th. We’re hoping to get your help testing over this weekend. The site has most of its core functionality, but it’s still not complete finished yet. We’ll be developing over the next couple days, but Sam and I wanted to bring you on board early.

Get the Ball Rollin’

We’re hoping that many of our readers will set up accounts and start participating on the site over the next few days. You’ll be able to keep up with the latest site updates via the You Rather Twitter account. As the site grows, this account will also be used to share featured questions, users, and debates.

That being said, you’ll see troubleshooting and active progress around the site over the next few days. We’re clearing up CSS and broken links as fast as we can. With luck, we’ll head into next week with a fantastic new community.

The Plan

Launch is only step one in the master plan. The list below is of planned updates in the coming month or two:

  1. Connection to Facebook accounts
  2. Make your own question sets
  3. Expanded statistics by demographic (e.g. Gender, age range, etc.)

The work done for You Rather has created the opportunity for plenty of tutorials here on Build Internet. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing articles or tutorials with results that look familiar. As we develop a marketing and refine the business model, you’ll see commentary on those pieces here as well.

We’ll See You There

You Rather Comments

We’ll end with a request. If you like the site, please share it with a friend or two. You Rather is a community driven “just for fun” site, and it will take some great word of mouth to get it to where we envision. Have something that will stump everyone? Submit it and see how the world answers.

We look forward to your feedback.


Zach & Sam Dunn

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  1. Montana Flynn Author Editor

    Looking really good guys! Hope to get a good laugh out of this site, I enjoy those types of questions.

    PS: You have a typo in the post:

    “Would you rather live until 80 in poverty, or live until 40 in poverty?”
    .-= Montana Flynn´s last blog ..Redirect iPhone’s with Javascript =-.


  2. Zach Dunn Author Editor


    Well that’s not much of a choice at all! Fixed the typo, thanks for the heads up.


  3. rohnn Author Editor

    Bug :
    Go page “sign in”
    Don’t fill the form
    click login.
    => Application Error


  4. rohnn Author Editor

    Sign in page (again.) :)
    Missing feature => Forgot password link not working.
    Broken link => Register new account => E404 on


  5. Brian Muse Author Editor


    Thanks for the heads up! The issues with the login page and submitting a blank form should be fixed now. We’ll be adding in the “reset password” feature in the near future, but for now I just removed that link.


  6. Melody Author Editor

    Ah, very cool site..could be a great viral marketing type of site..
    .-= Melody´s last blog ..New AWIMS Series: “Money Talks” =-.


  7. Brendan O’Neil Author Editor

    This has possibly been the biggest void filler, especially instead of schoolwork.



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