The Tenth Month

The Tenth Month

Namaste Internet,

We’re excited to have just finished out the tenth month of blogging in the web niche, and we’ve compiled a (slightly delayed) review of everything exciting to share.

This past month was our first back at school, so you won’t see as much explosive growth on daily traffic numbers. There were also several exciting developments that kept us busy right through the end of the month.

Let’s get started with the analytic summaries.

Traffic and Stats

The traffic from this month took a slight tip compared to the powerhouse of August.

September 2009 Number Overview

September 2009 Pageviews

Build Internet receives around 1250 search results per weekday.

September 2009 Referrals

In a stunning turn of events, we’ve finally reached every country in the Western Hemisphere. To our reader in Greenland, thank you for fulfilling a long standing dream.

September 2009 World Map

Interested in a more comprehensive overview? You can grab the full report below.

Income Summary

For now, our two main sources of direct income from Build Internet are BuySellAds and Google AdSense. Over the past several months both have continued on an upward climb, but it wasn’t until this September that they started to reach considerable amounts.

While we’re not in the business of giving out exact numbers just yet, I will say that BuySellAds income has doubled since the beginning of the summer. Google Adsense has also surprised us, with several day streaks of two digits numbers. Paid guest posts on the blog may come sooner than we anticipated.

Subscribers and Followers

Steady climbs on all major rankings continued again this month:

Top Content and Posts

Our most read posts during September 2009:

  1. Sliding Boxes and Captions with jQuery
  2. Why Your Next Website Should be Designed with Wireframes
  3. Fonts Used in the Logos of Popular Websites
  4. How to Make a Smooth Animated Menu with jQuery
  5. Sproing! – Make an Elastic Thumbnail Menu

Recommended Reading List

In last month’s review, we introduced a new section dedicated to highlighting interesting sites and blogs we’ve stumbled across. Below are three more sites well worth your attention in October 2009.

Inspect Element

Inspect Element

Inspect Element has been kicking around the web niche for a little over four months now, but I’ve been a fan since the start. There are plenty of useful articles focusing on topics like the advantages of blogging for web designers, and how to design usable buttons. In a niche where so many blogs rely on exclusively roundups, Inspect Element is a welcome addition.

Pattern Tap

Pattern Tap collections

Finding inspiration for elements in a page’s design can be difficult when you’re forced to sort through random pages. Pattern Tap is a collection of individual design elements — a morgue file for everything web. There are sections dedicated to everything from borders to breadcrumbs.

You Rather

Would You Rather questions

This last recommendation is a bit of self-promotion. As the latest member of the One Mighty Roar network, we’d like to think it’s worth your attention.

You Rather is a site dedicated to debate of “Would You Rather” questions for the masses. Since the launch announcement, You Rather has grown to 100 registered users, over 290 questions, and a total of 23,000 answers. Have a good idea? Submit a question of your own and see the response.

Next Up

We received a very exciting email several days ago. There will be some exciting advances happening in the web niche over the next couple weeks and Build Internet is fortunate enough to be involved. Your curiosity will be fed soon.

Reader Survey to Follow

Later today we’ll be posting a reader survey for our ten month anniversary. It’s our hope that people will help us plan the coming months by  letting us know what’s good, bad, and missing entirely.

Keep on Internet-ing,

Zach & Sam Dunn

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  1. Marfi Author Editor

    Good job! I wish u even more success before you make your first year and three digit numbers on those adsense daily stats :)
    .-= Marfi´s last blog ..Идея за ново списание =-.


  2. Andrzej Author Editor



  3. Ayman Aboulnasr Author Editor

    Well done guys, wishing you all the best.

    Please note the following:
    At the article you mentioned:
    “While we’re not in the business of giving out exact numbers just yet,”
    But on the downloadable PDF on page 8 there’s a mention of the AdSense income.

    Thank you, and wishing you all the best :)
    .-= Ayman Aboulnasr´s last blog ..Who is gaining ground and who is losing in web browsers war? =-.


    • Zach Dunn Author Editor


      You’ve discovered our secret! We’ve included that as a treat for those who take the time to download our reports monthly. Since BuySellAds still accounts for the majority of our income (along with some affiliate accounts), nobody is able to figure out exact numbers.


  4. Tom Kenny Author Editor

    Thanks for featuring Inspect Element. You guys were actually part of the motivation for me to get a blog up and running.

    Also, I love the monthly stat insights. You must be extremely happy with your progress so far.


  5. Andrew Gerber Author Editor

    Being the owner of blog myself I would like to point out that you have managed achieved great results for 10 monthes. Your success is obvious, continue working in such a way.


  6. Tomas Author Editor

    Congratulations, I like your blog, it’s fantastic and useful, thanks for being so awesome!
    .-= Tomas´s last blog ..35 Photoshop Tutorials for Creating Modern Web Design =-.


  7. jafar Author Editor

    hi guys,
    really awesome job keep doing
    thannx -:)


  8. Ovidiu Author Editor



  9. Articol online Author Editor

    I can not believe. Fantastic



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