The Eleventh Month

The Eleventh Month

New here and wondering what this is? Welcome to Build Internet’s month in review. Once a month we go through and share some “behind the scenes” numbers and happenings from the previous month’s traffic.

Namaste Internet,

We’re just one month away from the big one year anniversary. Especially because of recent “smashing” events, we’re extremely optimistic for how the next few months will go as far as the growth of Build Internet’s readership.

Numbers took a little dip over the past 30 days. We think this is because of slowed posting schedule from a surge of client work. Let’s take a look at the analytics from October 2009:

Traffic and Stats

Overall numbers from this month were fair, but we expect the Smashing Network to cause major increases on all fronts starting this November.

We’re up to an average 1300 search results per weekday.

We hit 188 countries this month, and even managed to keep contact with one reader in Greenland!

Interested in a more comprehensive overview? You can grab the full report below.

Subscribers and Followers

Steady climbs on all major rankings continued again this month:

Top Content and Posts

Our most read posts during October 2009:

  1. Sliding Boxes and Captions with jQuery
  2. How to Make a Smooth Animated Menu with jQuery
  3. Fonts Used in the Logos of Popular Websites
  4. Sproing! – Make an Elastic Thumbnail Menu
  5. Fonts Used in the Logos of Popular Design Blogs

The Smashing Network

During the middle of the month, we received an email from Vitaly Friedman of Smashing Magazine. He invited Build Internet to join in on an upcoming project involving the redesign and redirection of Smashing Magazine. Typically when someone at the top of your niche invites you to do something — you’re more than happy to do it. This was no exception.

On October 31st, we were proud to be one of the initial 18 blogs accepted into the Smashing Network. We’re not the smallest site on the list, but we’re also sitting among some powerhouse names like Web Designer Depot, Six Revisions, and Noupe. Build Internet has a lot of catching up to do.

“How much traffic have you gotten from Smashing Magazine?”

This has been a question we’ve heard many times over the past week, so I’ll just lay it on the line here for everyone:

Smashing Magazine has increased our baseline traffic, but we still haven’t broken any records. Our current single traffic record day was about 30,000 on August 24th because of a feature in an article on (of all places) Smashing Magazine. As far as I can tell, it still seems like the best way to get traffic is by a feature in one of Smashing’s posts. I’ll let the numbers speak for themselves.

This is a screen of traffic on Build Internet since the Smashing Network launch. (October 31st to November 7th).

Recommended Reading List

Looking for some new reading material to get those creative juices flowing? Below are three more sites well worth your attention in November 2009.


Ever felt like the tutorial you’re reading has some gaps missing? Posts on Tutorialzine don’t feel that way. I stumbled across this recent blog startup earlier this month, and I was hooked by the number of quality tutorials with downright useful results. (e.g. how to simulate the Google Wave history slider) I’m calling it now: Tutorialzine will be one of the big web design niche movers in 2010.


Web designers spend a lot of time staring at screens. It’s refreshing to find inspiration (or just plain interesting things) outside of the digital world. I’ve been a huge fan of interior design blogs for this very reason. Trendir is a home decorating blog that highlights fascinating design elements. At the very least, you’ll get some fresh inspiration for your workspace.


A few months ago, Steven Snell releases a series of themed galleries. TypeInspire is the one that focuses on great examples of typography. This isn’t just black and white text, but full typographic posts and layouts. Take a look — the world of type is brilliant.

Happy November

As always if you have suggestions, article recommendation, or general feedback we would love to hear about it in the comments below. We’ll see you back here next month for our one year anniversary.

Keep on Internet-ing,

Zach & Sam Dunn

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  1. Eric B. Author Editor

    It’s great to see that it’s going well for you guys!
    .-= Eric B.´s last blog ..Creating a WordPress Theme — Part 1 =-.


  2. Author Editor

    Keep up the good work guys!


  3. pdfdergi Author Editor

    Congratulations guys, we follow
    .-= pdfdergi´s last blog ..Ücetsiz Flash Creator Bedava Flash yapma programı =-.


  4. Slobodan Kustrimovic Author Editor

    Congrats on becoming a part of smashing network. I also applied but considering i’m not a big shark YET i probably won’t be a part of it :)

    I got one question about the google analytics stats, i noticed “montpeiller danse” in the search terms, what’s that? :)

    Cheers and keep it up :)
    .-= Slobodan Kustrimovic´s last blog ..Best Of October – 10 web development articles and tutorials =-.


  5. Zach Dunn Author Editor


    You’ve found our growing frustration for the past couple months. Montpeiller Danse is a website that has apparently duplicated our Analytics tracking code.

    To date, they have not received enough traffic to throw our own statistics off severely. By my count they have been well within 10K overall impressions/month.

    Since they appear to be growing, we’ll have to deal with it this month. We’ve tried to apply filters for their pages, but based on this month’s report, it looks like I’ll have to send an email in French/German.

    Overall, I’d say that the Analytics numbers are 95% accurate. Sorry for any confusion.


  6. Ben Ackles Author Editor

    Great to see you’re doing well.

    Between Build Internet! and Envato (Nettuts), I’ve acquired a more valuable education online then all my years in college.
    .-= Ben Ackles´s last blog ..socialcoop: Sippin’ a cup of joe and reading the news. Exciting developments in #hcr #healthcare but this is far from complete. =-.


  7. Tomas Author Editor

    Fantastic stats, you’re worth of it, good luck!
    .-= Tomas´s last blog ..20 Amazing Black and White Photos with Creative Commons Licenses =-.


  8. Martin Author Editor

    Again congrats on taking part of the Smashing Network!

    The fact that Vitaly Friedman personally asked you to join the network speaks enough by itself.

    And just in time for your first birthday.

    Also I was surprised to see that you’ve included Tutorialzine in the post. Thanks for the awesome support!
    .-= Martin´s last blog ..A Twitter List Powered Fan Page =-.


  9. Shawn B. Author Editor

    Well this answers my question.
    I actually followed this site before Smashing or Six Revisions. I was so surprised when I found out you had only been around 3 months (this was a while ago). You deserve every hit.
    Thanks for introducing me to JQuery.


  10. Melody Author Editor

    Wow, congrats on joining the smashing network. I wonder how this will affect your traffic now..
    .-= Melody´s last blog ..TGISF!: Link Love for Nov 2-6th, 09 =-.


  11. Souika Author Editor

    You deserve it.
    Your posts are inspiring and healthy.


  12. Goodwin Author Editor

    Greetings from St.Petersburg, Russia. Zack&Sam, thank you for your job, i got a lot of interesting and usefull items from you. I’m interesting in WP and design so i learn it at BuildInternet.


  13. Ayman Aboulnasr Author Editor

    Well done Sam and Zack.

    Thanks alot for sharing these “smashing” stats! :)
    .-= Ayman Aboulnasr´s last post ..Pattern Tap: Drink design by the gallon! =-.


  14. Montana Flynn Author Editor

    Awesome! Glad to see you guys are doing so well!


  15. Waheed Akhtar Author Editor

    Awesome Zach. Feels like I have to visit your blog every second day :) Nice work


  16. Bart Author Editor

    The Eleventh Month is very special month.



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