Color Scheme Inspiration – Spring

Color Scheme Inspiration – Spring

Hello Spring. It’s been a long time.

Every couple weeks or so, we scavenge Flickr for some wonderfully inspiring photography to build color schemes from. The results can be used to start graphic and web projects of all sizes. As we’ve said before, inspiration comes in funny places sometimes.

Photos are all found via Flickr (follow image links for author info). Color schemes are available to download through COLOURlovers.

Springtime Inspired Palettes

We’ve compiled photos and palettes below that should help get your designs into the spring season. Design away!

Dawn of Spring


Windmill and Tulips


Rain Boots


Iron Nature


Sunset Warrior Arriving


Standing on Chair


Blooming Flowers


Welcome Back Spring

Even though plants seem to be the typical Spring symbol, there are plenty of other ways to show the season. If you’re feeling particularly inspired, why not share a Spring color scheme of your own? That’s exactly what the Build Internet ColourLover group is for. Post your spring-related inspirations (or otherwise) and share with the rest of our color-minded readers.

If you’re looking to integrate any of the color palettes seen here into a layout, I recommend taking a look at our “Build Site Color Schemes from Photography” article for more help.

A Side-note: It’s been a long time since we’ve put up one of these posts. We’re hoping to get them back on (at most) a bi-weekly rate. They won’t be replacing other scheduled posts, just adding to the overall posting schedule. What do you think? Would you like to see us add/remove anything to our color scheme posts to make them more useful?

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  1. Design Informer Author Editor

    Very nice color schemes.

    1. Welcome Back
    2. Windmills and Tulips

    Those two are my favorites. Glad the series is back.


  2. Melody Author Editor

    Wow, the photos are simply stunning..oh how I can’t wait to feel the spring weather after seeing these..


  3. Leisha Author Editor

    Blooming Rust and Sunset Bees! Lovely photos.


  4. Aidan Author Editor

    Nice. It would be great to see more of them. Thanks.


  5. tografix Author Editor

    green wall is a very nice combination. great pictures also.


  6. bitalicious Author Editor

    Super nice combinations! Thanks for sharing, btw :)


  7. Webtwist-Webdesign Author Editor

    Great selection! Especially I love the color combination of Blooming Rust.


  8. Johnny Author Editor

    Really good selections. I like the Sunset Bees one, so warm and summery.


  9. BigM75 Author Editor

    great colors


  10. wptidbits Author Editor

    Just to let you know that i also took some colour examples from that ColourLover for inspirations. I believe that colours can be really motivational and create many expressions. I’ve been following that sites far long time ago. Thanks for reminding me again to visit the site. Excellent post anyway..


  11. Ajay Author Editor

    Great Colors! Thanks.


  12. Shawn Bird Author Editor

    I have to remember to visit this site when I am stuck. This helped my creativity.


  13. cleawalford Author Editor

    I just love your colour scheme inspiration series!


  14. green card Author Editor

    Nice resources. Thanks for sharing


  15. volkan Author Editor

    I love colorssss :))


  16. ciptard Author Editor

    love to design… :)


  17. siddharth Sharma Author Editor

    Nice color schemes…!!!
    I am in love with blooming Rust..!!!:)


  18. Knuckle Boom Trucks Author Editor

    WOW!!! Beautiful… Green Wall is my fav so far…



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