Build Internet Just Got a Whole Lot Hotter

Build Internet Just Got a Whole Lot Hotter

As you may have noticed, Build Internet just got a major facelift, This change will not stop at design, but will carry over to the content as well, for we would be doing many people a disservice if we stopped at visuals alone.

This giant leap forward is the direct result of an epiphany that Zach and I had this past month – the internet is a sexy industry to be a part of and it is our duty to let everyone know.

Redesign Goals

As it stands now, our readers might get excited over each post we release, but exactly¬†how¬†excited? This redesign marks a change of pace for Zach and I, we’re aiming to increase that “new post” excitement to a full bodied, mind bending, toe tingling moment of enthusiasm.

With that in mind, we set about the redesign with the following goals in mind:

  1. Stimulate our subscriber/follower counts to new heights.
  2. Arouse interest in past articles – old articles need lovin’ too.
  3. Make the Internet feel sexy again. (Yes, in short, we’re bringing sexy back)

The Design Process

We’ll be honest, while it may not be apparent, the design process was short. When Zach and I first sat down to discuss color schemes, we had one goal – capture the essence of a romantic novel cover. To us (and a certain demographic of middle-aged women), this genre is the capstone of lust, which made it an obvious source of inspiration. It didn’t take us long to arrive on this model source of un-adulterated passion:

Once we found this gem, we realized we had reached the point of no return, and promptly hit Photoshop up for all that it was worth. This book was our unfaltering guide amidst a sea of temptation and entanglement.

The Future of Build Sexy Internet

Build Sexy Preview

We’ll be bold, this is probably the best thing that has happened to the web design community since Amazon started selling Once a Cowboy, the highly rated novel in the Harlequin American Romance Series. (For those of you that aren’t familiar with the whole “literature lust” scene, trust us, that was a HUGE deal). We’re anxious to start providing you, the reader, with quality articles such as Sexual Interface and Comment Sutra.

Please feel free to leave your comments, praises, and poetry below.

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  1. Joel Author Editor

    april fool’s.


  2. Chris Author Editor

    Hahaha yes!


  3. Michael Author Editor

    Happy April fools day!


  4. Chandler Author Editor

    Haha awesome work!


  5. Dimi Author Editor

    April fools?! really?
    You mean you ain’t keepin’ the site like this? ;)


  6. Eric B. Author Editor

    Damn, this reminds me that I was thinking of doing something like this for my site!

    I have 1:30 left. Can I make it? :P


  7. Chatougri Author Editor

    So beautifool ! :-D


  8. JD Ross Author Editor

    2 points for you two on this one


  9. Martin Author Editor

    You just HAVE to make a sexy flash intro to go with the design. Happy April fools day!


  10. Ritam Das Author Editor

    Happy April fools day


  11. Jared Author Editor

    That’s funny… I was concerned for about five seconds *some kind of marketing ploy.* I thought. lol Good blog guys.


  12. David Lewis Author Editor

    Needs more sexy


  13. Matt Esau Author Editor

    if only there was a “bow chikka bow wow” sound byte looping in the background…


  14. Robert van Hoesel Author Editor

    So you actually tag your aprils fools day post with april fools? Weird.


  15. Joseph Author Editor

    I like this color scheme. It seems…sexy. Needs more cowbell though.


  16. JayDesign Author Editor

    i knew there was something fishy with that so pink background loll . happy April’s fool day guyz!


  17. Ardit Author Editor

    I love it.


  18. Ian Bates Author Editor

    I grant you one internets sir. Good stuff. I think I need to go to the bathroom now … >.<


  19. DRoss Author Editor

    Still looks like every other hip web design blog out there — except pink! Yayyyy pink!


  20. inspirationfeed Author Editor

    Damn it, i actually believed it. LOL


  21. chris Author Editor

    Ugh…you had me excited to see a real preview :P


  22. charlescuellar Author Editor

    jejejeje gracias info


  23. volkan Author Editor

    veryyy sexxyyy


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