Build Internet Redesign and Network Updates

Build Internet gets a fresh redesign, upcoming network updates get announced, and we explain what the heck we’ve been up to. Welcome back Internet, it’s been a long time coming.

Hello Again, It’s Been a While

Hello, we’ve missed you. We’ve got a lot of great stuff coming up for you guys, and this post just marks the kickoff. I’ve got notebooks full of potential posts, a laundry list of ideas, and the enthusiasm (and manpower) to get this blog cranking again.

Where the @&!* Have You Guys Been?

Settle down, I’m getting to that part. Blogging is interesting because it lets you meet a bunch of people, which fascinatingly enough leads to some pretty sweet networking opportunities.

As luck would have it, the popularity of Build Internet was something we were able to translate over to some meaningful relationships with all sorts of kickass companies and people. It was an interesting conundrum, the more readers we got, the more client work came in, which began to eat up more and more of our time.

When Zach and I started Build Internet in 2008, we were two guys in our sophomore year of college, that occasionally did websites for local businesses and spent our time blogging and perusing the Internet. Today our company, One Mighty Roar, consists of eight incredibly talented individuals, has folks all over the northeast, and has been fortunate enough to have worked with a growing number of national brands. All this client work has been wonderful, but we realized we really missed the community here.

Build Internet Redesign

This redesign has existed as a Photoshop file on my computer for a really long time. That being said, I’m thrilled to finally see it all grown up into a WordPress theme.
Want the breakdown about what’s new? Go exploring! Here’s a helpful list to get you started.

  • A wider layout lets us fit in more wonderful content and bigger post banners.
  • Smarter comments mean you can reply using threaded comments, complete with relative timestamps (eg. 1 day ago, 5 minutes ago ), and tidy labels for author and editor roles.
  • A social sidebar means no more sifting through posts for key points, author info or download links, the sidebar now holds all that good information. This includes author bio and links, post highlights, download & demo buttons, social media links, and an automatically generated short URL to top it all off.
  • We are very curious to see how the random post button goes.
  • Once you finish reading a post, you can tweet your reaction with our sweet Tweet dropdown form.
  • There are integrated links to network sites in the navigation (noted by the arrow to the right)

We aren’t done yet either, aside from ongoing tweaks and fixes, as we redesign the rest of the network we’ll be swooping back and adding in new features.

Network Expansion and Updates

The One Mighty Roar Network consists of blogs that center around creativity. We currently have Build Internet, Officeal, and Nonsense Society as part of the family – but today I’d like to announce the newest member, Desktopped.


Desktopped (@desktopped) is a blog that features noteworthy computer setups and case mods that was started by our Director of Product Development, Brian Muse, before he joined One Mighty Roar. He already has a strong following, but I’m sure our readers will only add to the community over there, so feel free to show him some love or submit your desktop if you’re so inclined.

Nonsense Society

Over the coming months we will be treating each of the sites in our network to a redesign, the first in line is Nonsense Society. Here’s a sneak peak of their new logo to hold you over.

We have another network blog in the pipeline, which we will be announcing in the near future, to be spearheaded by another member of the One Mighty Roar team. More on that soon.

We’re Back (Also, Guest Posts)

We’ve been gone for a while, but we’re back with a bigger crew, more experience(es), and a renewed enthusiasm for all things Internet. Let’s do this thing.

We will be reaching out for guest post authors in the coming weeks, they would be paid gigs and undoubtedly lead to fame and moderate fortune. If you are interested or have a great idea, shoot us an email with the synopsis and some sample posts you’ve done. There’s a lot of great talent out there, it’s time we bring some of it here.

Give us a holler with your thoughts down below, we’d love to hear them.

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  1. Ardit Author Editor

    Love the new logo and the matching design. Can’t wait to see whats to come.

    Welcome back and good luck.


  2. Davo Author Editor

    Great job guys.. it’s a pleasure to visit the website and watch so smart design.

    You guys make me feel like things I want to do are posible!



  3. Chris Author Editor

    Nice job guys ;)


  4. Eric B. Author Editor


    Also just a note, your “One Mighty Roar” link in this post is broken ;)


  5. L1 Author Editor

    This is possibly the only bad thing about RSS.. when sites get updated, you can’t remember what it looked like before to compare…

    Looks great regardless.


  6. Mathew Carpenter Author Editor

    The site looks great guys! I can’t wait to see how it goes over the next few weeks.


  7. chris Author Editor

    Hi guys. Glad to have you back.

    One note on functionality aspect (love the design). I used your tweet bar, but the problem was, it opened twitter in the same window and I closed it after I tweeted. No easy way to get back to build internet without opening a new tab. I think you should target=”_blank” the bar and the links in your posts. Same thing happened when I went to desktopped. Closed it by accident.

    Thanks, and I look forward to more great posts on your blog.


  8. chris Author Editor

    Oh, one other thing. I just tried your twitter bar for this page and it doesn’t work.

    I think a special character might be messing up the status link. it goes to a page not found on twitter.

    Just tested the URL and this part of the URL was the culprit “#8217;” I removed it and it worked. Tried &8217; but that ended up cutting off the status message.


    • Sam Dunn Author Editor

      Thanks for the heads up.
      The network pages in the navigation bar now open in a fresh tab/window and the Tweet bar has been cleaned up.

      We’re looking to polish the site over the weekend, I really appreciate the help.


  9. Ethan Author Editor

    Looking sweet guys! And looking forward to whats next.


  10. Zach Author Editor

    Good to have you guys back!


  11. David Author Editor

    Nice redesign. Nice new touches like the threaded comments and relative time stamps. And good to see you guys back. However, I think you should still be supporting 1024×768.


    • Zach Dunn Author Editor

      Thanks David. We gave a lot of thought to the screen resolution, and decided on a wider format because only about 10% of our visitors use 1024×768 or below. We also made sure that the bulk of the main content areas are still present in lower screen resolutions. Embrace the future, I say!


  12. Damian Author Editor

    It’s really nice, but there is problem at 1024×768 and it is really disturbing on netbooks ;)


    • Zach Dunn Author Editor

      Thanks for the feedback Damian. Would you mind letting us know what the problem is?


      • Damian Author Editor

        I know that main content is in the center of your site but i hate horizontal scroll bars ;)


      • Davo Author Editor

        I use a netbook (1024×600) and a desktop (1920×1200), and when I visited site with the new design using the netbook I was like “damn”.. but then I realized that I wasn’t missing something really important (sorry sponsors). So.. based on that.. I think that saying that something is “disturbing” is more a personal taste than “a problem”, with all respect to Damian.

        Best Regards.


  13. Tommy Author Editor

    Glad to have you guys back, and the redesign looks great! The Nonsense Society logo is awesome too :)


  14. Gasón Author Editor

    The redesign looks great! Congratulations on all this company success
    Looking forward for the new and improved content =)


  15. Sunny Singh Author Editor

    This is a great redesign, every aspect of the site is very innovative. I especially like the social sidebar and the comments.

    Even though I’m on a high resolution, it probably does suck for those on a 1024×768 one. Maybe do some CSS media queries magic?


  16. Arshad Cini Author Editor

    Great redesign guys.Everything works fine for me:)


  17. Natha Author Editor

    Really love the new site and I am seeing forward to some new posts!


  18. Chris Author Editor

    Love the new site. Fresh and clean. Well done!


  19. Roberto Author Editor

    Really nice design, very refreshing! and the logo looks great, very sticky. I’m happy and anxious to see some new content. Happy to have you guys back.


  20. Design Blog Author Editor

    Congrats ! on new design, very pleasing to eyes !
    More interesting :D


  21. Dinesh Verma Author Editor

    Your new design is pretty awesome! But you have improve your frequency of posting articles.


    • Zach Dunn Author Editor

      Agreed wholeheartedly. We’re aiming for at least one or two posts per week between the whole One Mighty Roar team. Once we hit a stride with guest authors, those will hopefully increase rates too.

      Another thing to keep in mind is that we also view this redesign as a reboot towards substantial content. I don’t want to waste your time with tutorials like “How to make a cool looking gradient site” as filler. The web design blogosphere has plenty of those already.


  22. Boba Author Editor

    Finally :)

    Welcome back, and never leave us again :)

    BTW love the redesign.


  23. Solcade Author Editor

    I like how you’ve removed the dates from the posts on the main page. If you guys ever disappear again (heaven forbid…), you’ll have us wodering, “Just how long ago DID that last post come out?”. Smooth. Very smooth.


    • Zach Dunn Author Editor

      Haha. Well, the original incentive was to keep posts relevant longer for archive pages, etc. I think that a lot of folks write off articles as outdated after a certain point. dates are still listed at the bottom of each right before the comments.

      You’re welcome to keep on us about being MIA though. We deserved that one!


      • Solcade Author Editor

        Nice idea. Welcome back :)


  24. Johnny Author Editor

    Nice to see an update guys :)


  25. Matt @ DVQ Author Editor

    Yeah!!! I’ve been hoping you guys would return :)

    The redesign is great. I love the wide layout and the post header section, especially since your using my wood wallpaper :)


    • Zach Dunn Author Editor

      Your wood background is nothing short of fantastic Matt. I would love a chance to see the PSD for it. Beautiful craftsmanship!


      • Matt @ DVQ Author Editor

        Thanks very much :) I can send you the PSD if you like, you guys could even write a tutorial on it if you want. You’d do a much better job at it than me :)


  26. Ricardo Saavedra Author Editor

    Very inspiring redesign. What I really like to see in use it was the 3 collums layout. For the first time I didn’t realize that the first collum refer to the post. I think there is a smooth learning curve. But again, great UI!


  27. Nikola Dadić Author Editor

    Design is awsome, I love it!!


  28. David Ironside Author Editor

    Love the twitter widget at the bottom of the post, sweet idea!


  29. G-SEVEN Live Author Editor

    Hello editor
    May i know which widget you used for your site’s Recently Popular Thumbs?


  30. Osborn Author Editor

    It’s necessary to build Internet Redesign and Network Updates


  31. Barton Author Editor

    Time marches on.


  32. بهینه سازی سایت Author Editor

    great newsite dude


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