Sketchy Social Media Icons Freebie Part 2

A fresh batch of hand drawn social media icons. Diversity is a good thing.

More Icons

Because of the recent commotion about the lack of icon quantity in my first post, (more specifically an RSS icon) I decided to provide an update with 27 more icons! Generous, I know. Hopefully your arsenal will now be large enough to use these icons in any project.

  • Every icon is a .PNG (making them easy to edit) and packaged together.
  • The set includes three sizes for each icon: 32×32, 48×48, 57×57.
  • Each individual icon was made with love

The original part one icon set can be found here:

Usage and Sharing

If you end up using any of these graphics, please include a link to this post.

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  1. mike i Author Editor

    Nice work Ethan. Out of curiosity, what’d you use to make them? Did you hand draw with a pen or marker and scan?


    • Ethan Kociela Author Editor

      You got it, I drew every icon with a regular and fine tip sharpie. Then scanned and photoshopped out the white of the paper.


  2. Ola Ajayi Author Editor

    I really loved the first collection, and was hoping more icons would come out soon. Thanks a lot Ethan!


  3. Joseph Hinson Author Editor

    Sweet! Thanks for the icons man. Very cool of you to release them.


    • Bison Author Editor

      Superior thinking demosnrtated above. Thanks!


      • Zhiiekyn Author Editor

        Hi. I followed your link and the zip file only cinatons the blue icons and not the dark one.Could you please give me the download link to the black one.Best Regards B..


  4. Ralph Williams Author Editor

    Awesome! Didn’t realize I stirred such a commotion.

    Thanks for making the RSS icon (and others).


  5. Rakesh Kumar Author Editor

    Icon inspiration, I loved it! Thanks


  6. Martin LeBlanc Author Editor

    Great work – I’ll add them to


  7. Ben Author Editor

    Ethan you are a legend, thank you so much for sharing these, exactly what I am looking for!


  8. Andrew Author Editor

    I love these. I am wondering though… if you are planning on a Facebook one.


  9. Ricardo Caetano Author Editor

    Thanks, all beautifuls


  10. Discounts Ahoy Author Editor

    Nice, these are all fantastic! I think I know someone who would love to add these to their blog.


  11. Atulperx Author Editor

    Hey Nice work buddy . I think you have worked hard to design them but which tool you have used them to design .


    • Parikshit Author Editor

      The first post will ans ur question.


  12. Parikshit Author Editor

    Can u also add a icon set for grooveshark?
    These r the best icon set. I was looking for a designer to draw them 4r me thank you so much I really appreciate you help.


  13. Kpop Flash Author Editor

    nice!! thanks for sharing


  14. Chandra Author Editor

    Thanks for this nice icons.


  15. dykz Author Editor

    Nice. very usefuly icon.


  16. Digger Derrick Author Editor

    Oh wow very creative. Love it… Great Job!!!!


  17. Digger Derrick Author Editor

    thank you ethan, very useful


  18. naperville computer recycling Author Editor

    this is neat, thanks for sharing!


  19. Logo EPS Author Editor

    very creative. Tks


  20. بهینه سازی سایت Author Editor



  21. Heidi Author Editor

    Hi, awesome, I will use these for my homepage. But there is a pinterest icon missing, will you make a pinterest icon as well? Thank you :-)


  22. CaesarTSUI Author Editor



  23. John Author Editor

    I like sketch effect especially on icons, thank u for sharing!



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