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Flex 3 Basics – Data Grids with XML

8 Sites with Excellent jQuery Navigation

This is a gallery of sites that use jQuery to make the navigation clean, sharp, and elegant. These sites use the framework to do more than just add gratuitous effects.

Even though I’m a huge fan of Actionscript, Flex, and Flash in general, I love when navigations can keep usability while achieving fluid animation. A couple of these are so fluid you may forget it’s not Flash.

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Color Scheme Inspiration – Shells and Stones

Having trouble finding a good color scheme? Color scheme inspirations will aim to fix that! Each post, we’ll pick out a topic and build color schemes out of it to inspire. For this round, we’ll look down to the usually unnoticed rocks and shells we walk on.

Photos are all found on Flickr (follow image links for more on the author), and color schemes are all available to download on COLOURlovers.

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The First Month

Starting a web niche blog was always a project Sam and I put aside because of client work with Cazzu Media. Now finally during our Winter Break from the lovely UHartford we got a chance to get one up and running.

The original plan was to name the blog Build the Internet, but the domain was taken so we ended up with the much shorter Build Internet. Looking back now, I’m not disappointed with the name change.

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Pitching the Internet

What’s your pitch? Every job starts with one. It may have been a simple “I can do that for you” or a lengthy discussion leading to a proposal, but something is done that convinces a client to work with you. But are you leaving out the an important part? Every web designer can pitch a price and service, but how many take the time to pitch the Internet itself?

Photo by altemark via Flickr.

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How to Make Charts with Flex 3

Flex makes actionscript less of a chore and more of a design asset. One of the best demonstrations of this is the simplicity of charting with MXML.

In this tutorial we’ll take test scores from XML files and make a dynamic bar graph out of the results in no time at all. You’ll have impressed yourself by the end.

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Flash Catalyst – Develop From Designs

Flash Catalyst looks good. Not enough enthusiasm for you? Try absolutely fantastic! Skinning Flash and Flex apps have gotten easier over the years, they still haven’t reached the point where it actually feels right.

With the newly introduced Flash Catalyst, these design headaches look like they’ll soon be a thing of the past.

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Designer’s Holiday Hangover Cure – Awesome Offices

Congratulations! You’ve made it through stage one of the holiday season, but are you losing the will to create to a hectic schedule and long lines everywhere? If so, you’re probably suffering from a holiday hangover.

Don’t worry, it’s treatable and we’re here to help. Grab a cup of cocoa, get comfortable, and take a look through this batch of holiday hangover cures to get some of that lost motivation surging again.

Today we’ll be focusing on the offices, digs, and productivity pads of fellow web workers from around the world.

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